Morality - Poem by JenOfPoetry METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING

I'm in the same seas of despair as you
The depths of my privacy has surfaced and exposed parts that
Not even my own mother knew
Relating to your fears and omissions of pain
Leaves me in thought
I am no longer alone in advertising myself to the public
Somehow now that I am open there is a need
To close all windows and doors to my soul to become
Secluded once again…
Transient in taking regard to others ideas of me…
I must go back to ignoring what others think
Just like me… imperfection rules and the general population
Has no room to judge or opinionate
What is important to please God…
Although he already knows me and my every action before it is
Revealed to me…
His thoughts and visions of me reign supreme.
Those of mortal men have no place
In my process of spiritual growth
A revelation spewed from my heart thru my ink causing a poem of
Self-examination to manifest…
The inspiration in you has become my muse… I Thank You
Because of you… where I was seeing the dark
My eyes are once again wide open
To witness the brightest spark of light that reflects
The positive passion within me

©April-25/30 2012

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 30, 2012

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