Who is taking all my time
3 baby boys…
3 young men…
3 superstars
I am the one they know
I am the one they need
The only mother they will ever have
The only mother who will take care of them no matter what or when
The only mother who loves them unconditionally… there is no end

Mother O My

In the final phase of growth
3 young men
Now becoming
3 grown men
Feels like time has consumed itself…
Taking itself away…feel there is something I've missed
There is more that needs to be witnessed

Mother o My

I had my time but it's not enough
Something flies above
Taunting my core
Making my spirit to soar
To find that missing piece
Ready to take flight…
3 baby boys
Ready to leave the realm of my protection
Could it be the sentiment of closeness that mocks me

Mother o My

I now understand the vibes my Mother went through when we left home
In a sense I am ready
In a sense I am not ready
Too fast…too soon
One more year for my 1st baby boy…
18 years of watching the growth of my gentle giant
Three more years for 2nd baby boy
15 years of watching the growth of my mini me
Four more years for 3rd baby boy
13 years of watching the growth my baby boy

Mother O My

Tears fall as the accomplishments shine through each of you
Without the help of God and Family…Just don't know how we would of made it
Superstars is what you will always be
All that hard work…seeing the seeds planted…grow…the greatest perk

Mother O My

I know you have to leave & soon will say good bye
Please be gentle as you take your journey
Away from your Mother Always remember…

Mother O My how I love you
Mother O My precious ones
Mother O My heart is always with you…

© Jan.10,2012

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