(* Morbid Art (A Mother She Calls Herself) Poem by Silent Speaker

(* Morbid Art (A Mother She Calls Herself)

Rating: 2.7

black nails
a dark soul
half a heart
never again whole

cut wrist
blood hides
people see
with eyes that abide

A torn body
scars all around
A quiet mouth
with a screaming sound

She crys for help
first with her wounded skin
she shows her mother her hurt
in hope getting help her mother will give in

But so wrong was she
for her mother only said stop
no compassion in her words
so continued to the blood drops

yet the girl trys again
instead of scars she uses her word
pleading and begging
until she is heard

A mother the woman calls herself
yet she neglected her own
A selfish woman making life hell
while her children feel unwanted and alone

Lynn Glover 10 November 2009

I agree with Paddy, you have put everything into this poem making it very meaningful to the reader. A very good piece of work by an up coming poetest. Your friend Lynn

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Patrick A. Martin 21 August 2009

Wow! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! You take the raw pain and throw it at the page with such energy that it cannot be ignored great work Erika another 10

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