More Readers Say Your Poems Are Good - Poem by RIC BASTASA

more readers
write you, i like your poems, excellently written
i can feel them,
i can relate to them,

true you tell yourself, how these poems are written with
all simplicity and humility
experience-based years ago and now coming back
in metaphors as a matter of remembering

what happened, how, and
importantly why,

but sometimes he has regrets with some other poems
written and
not so appreciated because they are too deep and
need a lot of deciphering,

too personal,
metaphors too well derived
from some darkness
when he was all alone gripped with fear and trembling
to ghosts that do not exist

a beautiful mind,
the crazy mind he had in the dormitory
in the cemetery, haunting him

his passions on some squeaky beds
and foul rooms
cheap motels having a love affair
with a woman he never loved
but whom he pitied,

makes him feel
so inhuman and he writes them again
with a sense of betrayal
and self

they do not like them
people ordinarily do not like
such poems,

bad poems, not relational, but more of

selfish, selfcentered, egotistical
like my mirror,
my walls,
my fences,
my closed windows,
a closed train station where the trains are all grounded
broken wheels

well, he bleeds for all these
but what can he do

they find them irrelevant,
the poems he likes most
are unpopular

the readers junked.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 12, 2008

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