More To Come Poem by José Corazón de Jesús

More To Come

Rating: 2.7

If I go blind, I will follow you
by the sound of your voice alone,
in your throat there is a sound
more golden and unique among all things.

If I go deaf, my entire being
will converse with your eyes alone,
in your every look I will conjure
all the words you want to say.

If I go deaf and blind and there’s nothing more
in the world for me to see,
I will follow your scent if that’s all that’s left,
I will let my nose do all my loving.

Even if you hide, the wind will deliver to me
your every gesture that overflows with poetry.
In the dried grass I will trace your footprints
like perfume that someone has spilled.

Without perfume or radiance or voice
to whom I can pledge my love
your very presence is enough to make me feel
you will yet draw near.

I may go blind but only come close
to the chords of my heart full of longing,
I know you by your footfall, my love,
and I am filled with so much poetry.

José Corazón de Jesús

José Corazón de Jesús

Santa Maria, Bulacan / Philippines
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