Mother To Daughters

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My sweetest darling dears
how oft Ive shed some tears
looking upon your faces
remembering tender embraces

It seems so long ago
when you snuggled in just so
a love so pure and chaste
I dared not let it go in haste

I held your little hand
your independence you demand
and with a grieved sigh
did I finally comply

Through the mistakes I've made
by your sides I've always stayed
never intending to dismay
keeping my own emotions at bay

Who knew a model I would be
of life's potpourri
a life of joy and love
love yourselves without lack thereof

Go now and be free
from all diversity
live and learn from life
may it be free of strife

Lynda Robson 07 May 2008

As a mother to three daughters I can relate to this, and all we can hope is that our children grow into independant adults, very well written, Lynda xxx

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Kye Kurion 02 May 2008

Yet message is so clear yet sophisticated, I can't think too much of it I guess but it really is a good poem.

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