Move On Boys Poem by kedrix Udjoe

Move On Boys

And everyday I wake
From my troubling bed
To talk about life
It's ups and downs
And all it takes

Man a gift to man
Turpsy as it goes
Turvey it slaps
A gift from God
But man battles man and nature

Life seems unbearable
An unpredictablefellow

We have thought
We were taught
When we were children of thoughts
By out father
Who were trained in different schools of thoughts
Isn't what we see
But gave us thoughts

And what shall we say to life?
We live only to die
We grow and develop
Thinking it has stocks for us
In a wide opened envelope
But we grow old and witter like weed

Unbearable and sweet
Life have shown us
Bitterness and sweetness
It left us with a remarkable scar
To be seen from afar
Like the stars above
The atmospheric windy, cloudy,and stormy sky

There fore boys
Let's live and moveon
Playing our different parts
Of this movie mixed
By tragedy and comedy

For today is today
And tomorrow:
My unpredictable friend
Is pregnant with uncertainties
And am not the father
And this burns

Thursday, October 24, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: death,encouragement,life,truth
Bri Edwards 13 November 2019

line 4: " Its" , not It's i've heard of topsy-turvy meaning " upside down or in complete confusion" " witter like weed " wither? " Therefore means for this reason, thus, or consequently" " Therefor is an archaic form meaning for that object or purpose" Yes, i DO see " encouragement" here. bri ;)

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