Music Poem by jackrabbit krjs


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Music is what makes you move
Music is what makes you groove
Music can be good or bad depending on how its used
Music can make you choose different clothes to wear
Music can make you change your hair
Music can make you choose new friends
Music can make you want to dance
Music can make you fight
Music can make everything alright
Music can take care of you when your alone
Music can make everything feel like home
Music can harm and take away
Music can make you want to stay
Music is the only friend I have
Music is my mom and dad
Music is what keeps me alive
When I feel like I can't survive

Chetna Kaushik 24 June 2010

love this poem and love music.

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Nader Baheri 02 July 2011

silence is a great great great music.

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Jzzreve CAL 15 June 2009

Music is everything - I can't imagine my life without it. Your poem expresses that perfectly. Thank you!

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Lily Salinas 29 November 2009

great poem; music is my everything =)

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Javier Hernadnez 19 September 2009

Music is everything. I like your poem. Check out mine and tell me what you think

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Steffani Limara 11 May 2019

I've loved music all my life.

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Brian Jani 19 June 2014

That spiritual connection with music is always inevitable in us hey

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David Park 23 March 2012

The Sound Matters -Dr.Dre-

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David Park 23 March 2012

The Sound Matters -Dr.Dre-

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wow! this is my first time reading this kind of poem..My Love for Music is like if it is silent I cannot breathe....

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jackrabbit krjs

jackrabbit krjs

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