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Pan head
My pan head
Mine you are
And Yours I am

day day day or history should I call you?
To you future is alien, only present is the ink that fills your pen
Your pen that has never licked the same letters upon the book of time.
On the pages of seconds you carve universes silent whisper

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Affair With The Wind

Pan head
My pan head
Mine you are
And Yours I am
Been we have
To Lands the mind has only tried to imagine
Together barriers we shatter, lands we conqure
Diamond studded paths we pioneer
Up dangers spine were an impulse
For now time is a snail we have salted
In your belly Thunder gods creed
Their symphony you conduct
The sole genre my ears crave
Friendship with wind we have forged
Her cheeky slap We've savoured
Adrenaline is your blood
Mine drowns in yours
My pupils gape wide as the sky
Devouring the velvet Horizons

Nothing is in our way, invincible we enthrone our selves
Till snails platinum trail ticks once more
Gallant steed I call you.
You and I, flesh and iron, 'manchine'.

Brian Jani Comments

Joanne Meek 30 April 2014

Thank you as I'm new to writing... Wow the debt in your word's moved me

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Abdul Samad 01 May 2014

Hi Mr Brian your both poems, Affair with Wind & Day Original, keep purely rhythmic, meaningful words with the messages you intended to depict. Congrats and best wishes

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Richard Beevor 03 May 2014

brilliant work, reads with immense power

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Dawn Fuzan 27 April 2014

Very fresh and original approach to poetry

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Ella Yaron 30 April 2014

Intriguing style, I like it.

3 2 Reply
Nick Krakana 12 July 2014

Thank you Brian appreciate your kind thoughts

3 1 Reply

excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

4 0 Reply
Mihaela Pirjol 26 May 2014

Lovely poems with great imagery.Thank you for your comment on my poem Insomnia

4 0 Reply
Hamza Obeng 06 May 2014

lovely poems. they really say alot. keep it up

5 1 Reply
Richard Beevor 03 May 2014

you promise to be a great poet

7 1 Reply

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