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Last night i dreamt a funeral
The angels, the people and the Lord above all

A requiem being sung, gave me the hint

How could i be so sad
How could you be cruel in react
I used to love you, now i have to forget
I used to love you, when it was written above

Once we were children
everything was supper
We could fly
if we hadn't trusted our mothers

I'm just walking
Walking in the moon light
Walking to evict the evils
Walking instead of crying

Like a cigarette light on very dark night
Life is too short, do all of your effort
If you get the chance
Do your best, think it is a test

All she wants, the peace and a shelter
God is dead? once said Wolter

In the crowded and nasty city at night

The words just come to my brain
And get away

I'm just laying down and gazing to the ceiling

1-The minds full of lust
The minds full of lies

2-The world full of darkness

A very dark garden
Which is enlightened by the light of a match
See the shadows of plants
Dancing in the shimmering light

The picture of your love has been wiped out
From the wall of my heart
What is remained is a photogragh
Which always makes me laugh

The day when father died
I was only a child
Without any fears
And didn’t care about life

In this world we are living in
No one cares to the others
No one cares where we have come from
No one cares even to the sound of drums

In the depth of a dark and intimidating valley
In your silence dream
With mouths remained open
Against the silence

I decide to relieve myself suffering from the pain
And the wishes i won't gain
The pain which i have for people
The people do not care

A five letter word
But it is a devil’s sword

Where I found that the easiest
Way that I can make my heart happy is hearing these words from others
“ you made me happy”
Where I found that smiling

Find me a place where it would be safe
A place as silent as grave
As dark as space
Find me a place in which I could rest

Adios beautiful world
With all your dirts and hurts
The times my heart would burst
With all ups and downs

Silence, listen to its rhyme, to its beat
It gives you everything you need
Silence the music for all colours, black, yellow, white
You can feel everything, even the birds flight

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veni-vidi-vici I can not call myself a poet.i dont know even who i am.just i am trying to know myself.i look and look in myself but i am missing.i know the one inside me is not me.vale)

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Die And Let Live

Last night i dreamt a funeral
The angels, the people and the Lord above all

A requiem being sung, gave me the hint
That was spread your wings

The black clothed men and women? none
I heard someone murmured
Come closer, son

See the dead body, lost her grace
See her cold frozen bloodless face

Her ruined black beautiful eyes
She accepted the death's guile

Be brave
Put her body in the grave
Her life couldn't have been saved
The angel of death is now her slave

Did she think she was immortal
She was a human after all

When she was dying
I heard a baby's crying
May God forgive her
Cause the gift of life
Is given to another

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Ellias Anderson Jr. 05 April 2013

A perfect human with brilliant ideas about humanity. People like Nader are going to be less in our universe, people who cares about other people's life, their happiness and the feel of relaxation for them. People who loves to protect the rights of the people who can't defend themselves in front of the life's sorrowful storms. It's an honor for me to have such friend and an honor for all of us to have such great poet Keep up writing nice works Your friend Elias

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Shalini Rao 17 October 2012

Nice poem. It beautifully captures emotion

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