Music And Lyrics Poem by Ashley Storey

Music And Lyrics

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What is the music?
The music is blood
Flowing endlessly
The music is the blood
Pumping the air that I breathe
The music’s in my blood
Though no one can see

What is the lyric?
The lyric is the body
That moves to the beat
Made to make rhythums
And rock to the beat
The lyric is the body
That I move so skillfully
The lyric is my body
That no one can take from me

So I say
In praise to my glorious blood
And my temple of a body
They are a nonstop stereo
To my nonstop rhythum and flow

You cannot move without joy
You cannot sing without love
Your heart will not pump
With hate at it's core
Your beat will not prosper
Without a proper score

So what to say to those whose hate?
Hate to dance? Hate to sing?
Hate to music? Hate to enjoy anything?
Hate me? Hate you?
Hate one? Hate two?
Hate color? Hate skin?
Hate women? Hate men?

We shall say dance
For that is what we do
We shall say make music
It is the only cure

So, don't hate my music
Don't hate my dance
It flows like a river
It rings inside your head

It shines like a light
It rings like a bell
It opens the gates of heaven
And closes the gates of hell

Sing and dance with all your might
Sing and dance with an adversaries knife
For you stand victorious
In rhythum and heart
For you stand victorious
And music is in your heart!

Jimmy Magee O'kane 16 June 2009

i love your use of (is it Namibian) local dialects? 'rhythums' -fantastic! i feel you still need to discuss more fully the metaphysical and phenomenological implications of your opening strophe. keep her country!

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Egi David Perdana 02 January 2009

music is soul my friends

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Lan Yuham 12 June 2008

zhe shou shige feichang you qishi.ri, hai bu neng shiyong(speake) hanyu(chinese) the poem is surging forward with great momentum

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Benjamin O'Brien 11 June 2008

That is awesome! The relation to the music and the body is great. I really like it (: x

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