Mutilation, Aggrandization Or Is It Enhancement?

No part of the body is immune:
From the practitioners of the art
To reshape the clay
That birth did impart.

From the top, there's hair dye
And if that's not enough, hair implants for the guy.
Or a hank of someone else's hair woven
To make it appear to be your own.

The eye brows plucked
Or dyed,
Or maybe just a line painted finely
Where they should be.

Of course the eye itself is a target too
With implants of lense or a cut here (or two)
In nature's lense to bend light there
Or, Contact lense for those who don't dare.
Glasses no longer for service but fashion too.
Provide a mystique for those who
Have the funds and the desire
To alter the appearance if they care.

Those ears that only a mule could adore,
A sculptor of a doctor can tame them for sure.
Then there is the matter of hearing aids for the impaired
Or cochlea implants if you have money enough to share.

While the nose does impose a lot
With a bit of plastic surgery, it need not.
Bulbous it will not be
Simply pay the asked for fee,
The Doc's will render it more apropos
For you a very fitting nose.

Those rosy cheeks so soft and smooth
Brought to you by the injection of Botox
While intended to kill by paralysis
Its action on underlying muscles suffice.

Collagen implants here and there
Makes wrinkles disappear
Or if the skin droops like a dawg
A few judicious cuts and tucks will please them all.

Lips so sweet and tender to kiss
May not be what nature intended for the miss,
But implants swell them to be ripe and full
Then painted to emphasized is the drill.

Don't forget the teeth so white
Not an unsightly sight
Produced by an oxidizing chemical
That takes away the stains and, yikes, the enamel.

Or perhaps a few caps here and there
Will fill the gaps to give a winning smile.
The old method of a whole mouth full
Of teeth replaced by false ones was the call
But now they can be glued in place one and all
Not like old times when they clinked about.
Implants are the other way to go
George W was said to have had ones of wood
Implanted in his jaw. No termites here, it's understood.

Now we come to the chin that protrudes,
Knife and saw correct it in a flash,
And for that one that is recessed,
Same approach but different problem addressed.

Flabby necks need not be
As long as cosmetic surgery is next to free
And just below in case you wonder
Natures provisions for nutrition
Can be adjusted just so
Large or small as the order goes.

Then the belly so wide and round
And the area that is behind are both found
To yield to liposuction on demand
Fats gone; a splash in the pan.

Circumcision practiced by the Jews
Now promoted to control AIDS for all of you.
Tube tying, litigation
It's called. Renders one incapable of procreating.

Then the legs we are assured
Carry weight to be endured
But unsightly veins need not be
As they can be surgically removed, but not for free.

Feet also get their due
Nails trimmed and painted a nice hue.

Did we mention depilatory action.
Hair removal is a scary notion.
Soft wax melted on the spot,
Then yank it off, ready or not.
This from areas that pride wants hair not to show
When wearing revealing clothes or no.

Of course we left out the pins which are an issue.
That can be inserted in most every tissue
Decorations with jewels, metals or what have you.
And then there are tatoos that reveal
The intermost interest of the wearer
Bold and bright or small and obscure
In places all; they will endure.

Inside the body is yet another issue
Organs of others, replace and are like new tissue.
Or, surgical removal of those growths that offend
Makes it possible to life extend.
Transplants, explants, surgical corrections,
Every thing in God's creation.
Is now available to you,
Step right up, you'll be attractive too.
All it takes is a bit of imagination
And good Insurance for satisfaction.

If we missed a few body parts,
Not to worry, the profession is known as the Medical Arts.