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My College Days

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Those were the best days of my life,
When fun and frolic was rife.
A refreshing realm of knowledge,
That was my college.

Funny friends and loving lecturers,
Freaky fundas and flexible study hours.
Riddles and rumors, gossips and giggles-umpteen,
Added spice to the junk I hogged at the college canteen.

I majored in English Literature,
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Dead Leaf 15 April 2012

good work... nice to read... -sanu

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Shashendra Amalshan 15 August 2009

Ohhhb this is great... you know ma'am, if some one want to have a fun kind of education, one need to study literature.. I study literature in university here in S.L too.. yet with that, I have to study econ too, now that is tough.. I mean too complicated.. Literature is fun..... this semester, we studied Twelfth Night.. now that is great fun.. and also Wutherin Heights...... Great...... In fact if you do literature, you don't feel like studying, it is pure entertainment, Just that econ, I hate so much, filled with graphs and formulas.. this is good one, filled with life.. laughter and joy.. lovess shan

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Siddharth Singh 09 August 2009

Extremely contemporary in it's premise. Sounds very much like a new age stuff, breaking away from the orthodox. Good write.

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You just reminded me of my college days, my sri devaraj urs medical collage is coincidentally similiar to this poe, keep it up.

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 09 August 2009

The past always seems glorious, future uncertain and present? ...........kidding, who lives in present...............anyway a good write..........

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