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It is a feeling which cannot be explained,
When your mind stops working and your heart is over-strained.
You are in a state of absolute delight,
And the face of your beloved always blurs your sight.

‘All that glitters is not gold! ’
Yet it is believed and often told,
That ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’,
Then why does a beautiful woman need to be clever?

Those were the best days of my life,
When fun and frolic was rife.
A refreshing realm of knowledge,
That was my college.

Education is the key to success,
It is an ongoing process.
Each day of existence,
Adds to our knowledge, wisdom and experience.

The man who showed us the road to emancipation,
Popularly known as the father of the nation,
An advocate of universal brotherhood and equality,
Yes, I’m talking about Mahatma Gandhi.

Cricket is the game that brings together the whole of the Indian nation,
In this country it is often hailed as a religion.
Our cricketers, rarely, if ever, perform well abroad,
But, in India, they are treated like demigods.

Woman of rural India courteous and dutiful,
Victim of Patriarchy, but Oh! So beautiful.

When she is born, her mother is called a sinner,

It was a bright sunny day,
After all it was the month of May.
My friend and I stopped by a mill,
Everything out there was so still.

If of English Literature, you are a connoisseur,
It is impossible to overlook the works of ‘William Shakespeare’.
Through poetry and drama, he earned his high repute,
The dead bard still reigns the literary world, without dispute.

School is fun
In the playground, we play and run
School is fun
In the classroom, we study and learn

Early in the morning, the earth seems to be lost in a reverie deep,
And most menacing mortals are asleep.
The birds start chirping, the dogs start barking,
And a benign breeze keeps blowing.

When most mortals succumb to temptation,
Then why do we expect poor Mr. Politician to be an exception?
When government coffers are open for him,
Then why should he bother about idealistic whims?


Spare some time to praise Mother Nature,
And she will ensure that you have a happy future.
Remember, she loves to avenge her ill-treatment,
Earthquakes and eruptions, floods and forest-fires are but shades of her temperament.

The transmission of messages through signals for communication,
Is known as Telecommunication.
In ancient times, messengers, pigeons and beacons,
Carried out long distance communication.

Excessive energy, ingenious ideas and varying talents,
These are the traits of my darling students.
They live each day,
With the spirit and zeal, of a holiday.

People People everywhere,
Not one with time to spare.
Everyone is in such a mad rush,
That no one bothers to even look at the people they push.

It is a fact universally acknowledged,
By both the poor and the privileged,
That the people living in one's neighbourhood,
Know nothing about brotherhood!

Relationships represent the commingling of hearts, souls and minds.
And they are of many kinds.
Most meticulous mortals say,
And several self-help books convey,


Anything in excess is bad,
But an excess of wealth, never makes a mortal sad.
Alas! A human being is never satisfied,
His needs, wants and desires are rarely ever gratified.

Terrorism is the gravest problem in the world today,
The terrorist judiciously keeps logic at bay.
Violence is his biggest obsession,
He revels in causing large scale destruction.

Supriya Prathapan Biography

Born and raised in New Delhi, India. Dabbled with many jobs and finally chose to become a school teacher.)

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Love (Romantic)

It is a feeling which cannot be explained,
When your mind stops working and your heart is over-strained.
You are in a state of absolute delight,
And the face of your beloved always blurs your sight.
When poetry comes naturally,
And sleep eludes regularly,
When walking turns into prancing,
And you feel like singing and dancing.
When your beloved’s comfort and happiness becomes your obsession,
And your reason is repeatedly kicked by your passion.
Then ‘Love’ is the name of your condition,
For which there is only one prescribed medication:
'An equal love from your lover’s side',
This will calm your nerves and peace will reside.
Unrequited love is like severe body ache,
After all, the spurned lover’s heart is at stake.
His / Her eyes are water fountains,
He / She knows that true love can move mountains,
So he / she never stops trying,
Keeps heaving, hoping and crying.
But when love is reciprocated,
Every sentiment uttered for the beloved, seems exaggerated.
The thought of separation is unimaginable,
And feelings and sentiments become totally unmanageable.
The finest of all human sentiments,
‘Love’ knows no divisions, boundaries or impediments.
It spares no mortal soul,
In our lives, ‘Love’ plays an important role.

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khadar 20 January 2018

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Life is like a dog, it will chase you down if you try running from it.

Alas! There can be no salvation without starvation.

It seems that everything that's tasty is unhealthy

Sarcasm is a sadist's favourite weapon.

One's destiny isn't actually destined, it is created.

'A leader who is easily misled by sycophants is not a leader at all'

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Supriya Prathapan Popularity

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