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The girl with dark and beautiful hair,
Her eyes are lovely and her skin fair.
She is like a full bloomed flower
With beauty, I can’t bear

In life’s ups and downs, good or bad
She’s always with me happy or sad
I will always long for my mother’s blessings
No matter which way my fate swings, .

I have lost my livelihood,
I can’t stand where I stood,
I have become lazy and bored
People say that I have been bangalored.

Latest to arrive, in the line of holy men
Your beginnings were very humble
No one knew the power within you then.
You made the British Empire crumble.

Like a desert without rain,
Like a mother without child,
Like a temple without god,
Is my life without her.

Dark clouds had just burst into rain,
I was alone, travelling in the train.
It was just beginning to gain speed,
I had with me Sunday newspaper to read.

Wherever I go, whatever I do
I just see you smiling there
Your heart was my home
without it now, I have gone bare.

The king is on the prowl
It doesn't walk, but crawl
Ordinary prey is not in its mind,
Its hunts only its own kind.

Was it night in day? ,
When nature has its say
Everyone ought to obey
It has to be that way.

They are seen just for a month or two
But what a wonderful job they do,

They change the mood and atmosphere

I am doing, what I am supposed to
Accompanying life, where ever it takes me,
I have blown all my worries in thin air
Thinking about failures is a waste of time,

When the clouds descend on the land
Covering every tree and every inch of sand
Flesh and blood is what dark forces demand
And the count holds on to his command.

He was born in a royal family
Destined to be King and Emperor,
On the day of his birth, an astrologer
Predicted what he is destined for.

The brothers were breathing fire,
With their hearts full of desire
They built the greatest Hindu empire,
Which, the whole world would admire.

People confuse it with Canada,
I say, no its Kannada,
Canada with an extra N, and starting with K
They give back the expression saying, no way

Once in India lived a statesman
He was a teacher by profession,
Like both my parents, sincere and dedicated
His simplicity was very much appreciated.

I was not a poet
But, since I saw you
I started writing poetry.

Like the twinkle of the star,
Like the beating of heart,
Like the flutter of wings,
Like the blessing of god,

He is an Indian film actor
ordinary looks, dark colour
With thick mustache and curly hair
he is called king of style and flair.

It stands at the junction
Where three roads meet,
It is a real massive tree
Going up in air several feet.

Vikram Aarella - The Poem Shooter Biography

I am from Kolar Gold Fields, a small city situated deep in the heart of South India. I started writing poems for fun and some of my poems were very popular in my college. Some situations or things make me write a poem, though not always a good one. I will appreciate your comments and advise. Take a minute to rate them, so that I can get an idea about how good or bad my poems are. Be honest in criticism. Can email me at © All rights reserved for the poems written under my name.)

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She's Married

The girl with dark and beautiful hair,
Her eyes are lovely and her skin fair.
She is like a full bloomed flower
With beauty, I can’t bear

I want to be her lover,
I will die for her, I swear.
But alas, my friend, my dear
She's married and it’s her husband that I fear.

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Seema Aarella 09 January 2008

Hi Vikram Your poems are very interesting to read, because of their variety, I like ur knack of involving into every aspect of life and bring out sensible verse...sometimes funny and sometimes thought Provoking! ! ! Keep going! ALL THE BEST!

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Preeti - is here! 25 May 2006

Hey Vikram, What do i say about you? ummmm... Well, Love your they are simple..meaningful..some funny..and most of all, they are straight from the heart. Keep writing! Preets

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