My Confession Towards You Poem by Sayana Ghimire

My Confession Towards You

In the depths of my heart, a confession I make,
A love that consumes me, a fire I can't shake.
With trembling words, I lay bare my soul,
For you, my love, are my eternal goal.

In your presence, my world comes alive,
Every moment with you, a treasure to thrive.
Your smile, a sunbeam that lights up my days,
Your touch, a gentle breeze that sets me ablaze.

With every heartbeat, my love for you grows,
Like a river that endlessly flows.
You've captured my spirit, my essence, my all,
In your embrace, I find solace and call.

Your laughter, like music, dances in my ears,
Your voice, a symphony that banishes fears.
In your eyes, I see a reflection of my dreams,
A love so profound, it forever redeems.

For you, I'd climb mountains, cross endless seas,
Through storms and tempests, I'd brave with ease.
I cherish the moments we share, big or small,
For in your love, I find my everything, my all.

So, here I stand, vulnerable and true,
To declare my love, and say, 'I choose you.'
You are the reason my heart beats so strong,
Forever and always, in your love, I belong.

Take my hand, let's embark on this journey together,
Through life's highs and lows, in any weather.
With this love confession, my soul set free,
Forever and ever, it's you and me.

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