Roses, Lilies, Dasies And Jasmines Poem by Sayana Ghimire

Roses, Lilies, Dasies And Jasmines

In a garden blooming with colors so bright,
Reside flowers enchanting, a breathtaking sight.
Daisies with petals like sunbeams in the day,
Lilies with elegance, in white they display.

The daisy, a symbol of innocence and cheer,
With its vibrant hues, it brings joy near.
Each petal whispers tales of youthful glee,
As it dances in fields, wild and free.

Lilies, graceful and pure, stand tall and proud,
Their fragrance wafting through the air, like a cloud.
In hues of white, they symbolize purity,
A symbol of hope and love's security.

The rose, oh, the queen of all flowers divine,
With petals soft as velvet, so delicate, so fine.
In crimson red or blush pink, they tell a story,
Of passion, devotion, and love's glory.

Jasmines, the heavenly blossoms that unfold,
Their fragrance intoxicating, a story yet untold.
Their white petals shimmer under moonlit skies,
A symbol of grace, their beauty mesmerizes.

Together, these flowers, a symphony of grace,
Each with a unique charm, a delicate embrace.
They paint the canvas of nature with their art,
Filling the world with love and beauty, a work of heart.

So let us cherish these flowers, gifts from above,
Symbols of love, innocence, and a pure love.
In their presence, let our spirits soar,
As we embrace the beauty that forevermore,
Blooms in gardens and fields, a treasure to adore.

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