"My Eventual Moment In A Huge Blossom" Poem by BAQUEE BILLAH AHMED

"My Eventual Moment In A Huge Blossom"

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You the blossom of a golden garden!
The tears in the eye,
With you now my eventual moment! !

The beautiful era of my existence!
The fragrance of earthy heaven,
Was with you here without resistance! !

The colorful appearance of rainbow!
VIBGYOR with the different talent,
was with you here always blow! !

The strength in you to get the victory!
Do not lose it,
With you my blessing, make the history! !

The memories of you and you all!
will be always in my heart,
With you my dreams, don't let it fall! !

The love and affection from my heart!
Dont forget me,
With you my promise, For you I always alert! !

Saturday, November 10, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: farewell,student,teacher
Recently, One of my friend Mastaque, told me to write a poem for the farewell from his school. He is a teacher in a school and he want to show love to his students in the day of farewell...so i have written this poem for him...
Me Poet Yeps Poet 06 January 2019

COMPOSE more such lovely ones let @ ur age more kids come well done have FUN

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Baquee Billah Ahmed 06 January 2019


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Me Poet Yeps Poet 10 November 2018

when i was as young as you a guy asked me to compose a love poem for his beloved one he wanted to capture and u remind me of him they got married then no poetry only love making he confided in me she loved him dearly they made kids six only

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Baquee Billah Ahmed 10 November 2018

Wau....the six children....😂.... Here I can understand the measure of their love.... God bless you, because you are the person who help to create a loving relationship by those poem...

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Naila Rais 10 November 2018

It's wonderful..... Children love to hear words from their teacher..10 Naila

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Baquee Billah Ahmed 10 November 2018

Thank U so much.... Dear Naila

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