My Eyes Fill With Rain Poem by Ella Rose

My Eyes Fill With Rain

The more I stared out the window, the more I cried. Because it was raining, and if the sky could cry, why couldn't I? Maybe the sky lost something close to her also,
maybe she would never see her favorite cloud again, or her favorite rainbow...

Never will see you,
My forever is too long,
My eyes fill with rain.

I started walking and found myself outside, hand in hand with my new best friend, the rain. I sat and I drowned in my tears, but there was a strange comfort in the way the rain drops held me, and engulfed me...Gave me refuge in my loneliness.

Long to be near you,
You left without taking me,
My eyes fill with rain.

I had to be here...outside...needed to be here...Maybe he could feel me out here better than inside. Maybe he could watch over me easier, if I was in the open.
Or maybe I could just feel him quicker. For it was raining, and the drops fell from above, and I know he is up there. Is he crying too?

Tears became my rope,
Linking our souls once again,
My eyes fill with rain.

I hope this meaningful way I can link to him lasts forever. The fear of the unknown happens when you face death. Is the sky too high for me to reach? It would just seem so easy to climb up our favorite oak tree and hold his benevolent hand. He saw my soul the way no one else has....

Lost with out your smile,
This heart can't beat without you...
My eyes fill with rain.

My Eyes Fill With Rain
Thursday, April 21, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: break up,sad love
this is a haibun poem
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