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Where Will They Find You

Shadows of clattering glass fallen deep below the surface,
schrieks of yesterday's magnets longing for redemption,
caves of internal shards of regret, I can't handle the curses,
the black crow cries out that it was never his intention.

Close Enough To Still Feel The Pain

I sat down... down... down...
falling into retributions of lost souls with
heavy hearts.

Our Desirable Night In June

I'll bring the matches,
You ignite the fire,
Burn the biggest branches,
As our bodies start to perspire.

Goodbye, My Love

Written: December 14,2015

After the snowfall but before the lily blossoms,

Twin Flames

Thrice I found you burnt to ashes

Withered and alone, I sewed on patches

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Good afternoon, my name is Ella Rose. I just wanted to write a few things so that maybe some poets can get to know me a little better. I have been writing since I was 10 and now I am 36. I have over 45 journals of poems and stories. Last September I became a member of a poetry site called " Poetry Soup" . I really enjoyed it for awhile, b ...

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