My Happiness Poem by Ella Rose

My Happiness

Rating: 5.0

When I speak of love…
-I speak of you.
When I feel tenderness…
-I am feeling you.

Up on the brink of yesterday's blues, you
swore my elegance would never be forgotten.
I wear happiness for you on my sleeve,
and you carry happiness for me in silence.
Beneath the shadows there are beacons of
flares resisting the splendor of our dreams.
For without our dreams, we would cease to survive
and be forced to endure a long lasting life of woe.
Somewhere above the peaks of the mountains you
took my essence and made it your own. Now I dwell
inside your spirit and we illuminate passion through
every single dark aspect of life.

When I think of compassion...
-I think of you.
When I feel beautiful...
-I am feeling you.

I instantly fell in love with your charm. You shimmer with
the sparkling stars and I glow with the kindle of Venus.
Together we have renewed the faith of the universe as
our molecules have assimilated to create one complete
being; that is us….
-and we are united for all eternity.

Our secrets remain private, as our privacy remains sacred.
My regard is hungry for your pleasure and your predilection
is hungry for my treasure. May we sail through the sun of a
the west and create perfect harmony inside our tranquility.
Our captivating romance prevails and we make each other
happy with burning desire.

When I think of fantasies…
-I think of you.
When I feel amorous…
-I am feeling you.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: love and life
Darwin Henry Beuning 03 September 2016

Ella, It is nice to have someone special in your life and not just be, ships passing in the night. A deserving 10.

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