My Final Walk With Gaia Poem by William King Jr.

My Final Walk With Gaia

Rating: 5.0

All alone on this barren Earth I walk
My legs never tiring from my unforgiving pace
Everyone around me is gone so I don't talk
A hardened look of cold is burned into my face
Everyone else has deserted the once fruitful land
Leaving the world to decay and rot
Everything has been ruined by man's hands
And Gaia is left without a shot of ever rebuilding

The resources of nature have all been depleted
And the rivers run red with blood
The greatest of nations either fell or were defeated
Their technology rusting away from time and mud
All the animals that once roam free
Have been slain by the savages who were left
And while the filled their stomachs with bliss and glee
Their poisons soon began to take their breath
And soon all perished

The air of the mother Gaia is cold and stale
And her ground is dry and cracked
The salt of the Earth rains down like hail
The precious water to never come back
All the vegetation has shriveled and died
The sun unable to penetrate the haze
The heavens lay dormant and although they cried
Their tears did nothing for the days
Of rebirth are all gone

And what say of those who fled from their mother
Hoping to escape the wrath they unleashed
They fled underground, and killed one another
For they all became savage beasts
So now, only I, walk all alone
Bearing the sins that people left
The unforgettable, unforgiving path I so forsaken roam
Will lead me to a fulfilling death
And my tired body will soon be at rest

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