Dark Ruler: 1-3 Intro Poem by William King Jr.

Dark Ruler: 1-3 Intro

I lay down my sword and my shield and I think
Could Lucifer and Satan, the Gods, really be beat
And give up their thrones
To mortal flesh and bone.
So I dedicated my life to train for this fight
And gain all of the powers of the royalty of night.
For years and years I cut and I slashed
I blocked and I rand and I jumped and I dashed
My powers grew stronger and so did my strength
I knew that this fight would last a good length
At last I felt I had trained all I could
So I drew my portal circle in the deepest of the woods
I lay my four candles in the directional mouths
Of the north, west, east, and south
I blessed my dear circle to keep in the hate
Then I conducted my ritual to show me the gates.
The world, it seemed, to stay still that day
For when the fire has risen, I was flung through the gate.
For an eternity, I thought, I was flown through the air
But no matter how long it felt, I didn't really care
My mission was simple, my goal was clear
I knew that I would never get out of here
I accepted the fact that I could surely die
But my vision was blurred, I cared nothing for life.
To gain the powers of ultimate evil
Could do nothing more for me, except make me a believer
That the overlords of hell would lose their thrones
And all of their legions would be mine for here on
As I though all of these thoughts I began to slow down
And land, prepared for the ultimate showdown.

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