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Night life slowly fades into the dawn
And the man in the west moon now sleeps
Dreams soon set themselves aside
And the reality of the day sets in

You bleed pain like a hemophiliac with a slit wrist.
I try to add loving pressure but you resist.
You bleed on everyone around you forcing onto them your pain.
You don't care who you bleed around.

There are nights
When I sit up in my bed
Tears streaming down my face
Because I know you aren’t there

Visions as I look in the mirror
I always stare at your picture
Thinking back on all the fun we had
Now my soul feels sad

Who is the one to say that all can't be forgiven?
To condemn me to sorrow and a life of regret?
To make my life not ever worth living
And make my love not worth the get?

I tread lightly down the guided path
The image of her still burns within my mind
Her soul lost, cold and tortured
Forever in immortal pain

All alone on this barren Earth I walk
My legs never tiring from my unforgiving pace
Everyone around me is gone so I don't talk
A hardened look of cold is burned into my face

The night lasts forevermore as the sun drifts away
Darkness grows by the second as the night takes over the day
Cold once again rules supreme as heat slowly dies
Evil lurks all around as the hope for good dies

These same four walls surround me
Day in and day out
All day, everyday
These same four white walls

My brain blazes at high speeds
Time slows down all around me
Getting hard to breathe
Your love is slowly fading

Emotions run wild as I fight off these feelings
My fists ready to destroy all in my path
My eyes turn red as anger fills me
My muscles tense as fists clench closed

Rose of infinite beauty
I see your smile
Never to see
Your smile become a frown


Crush all their souls
And devour the hearts
Of men who disobey
The commands of the legions


Hope controls motivation limits
And keeps all alive; those who believe in it
For with hope
You know you've been defeated

I lay down my sword and my shield and I think
Could Lucifer and Satan, the Gods, really be beat
And give up their thrones
To mortal flesh and bone.

Eyes are wide shut running blind in the dark
As dogs bark and torches burn brightly against the night
Running for life that is no longer important
Feeling my way around the dark

The surroundings of hell seem too plain to me
Carnage, gore and screams of terrible pain
All of which have played through my head
As I lived every single day

Dying will be the death of me
No longer a puppet of life
Feelings beyond recognition
Is the pain I feel tonight

When cornerstones of life start to break down
And the sanity of man begins to fail
When the impurities of the heart begin to show
And the calamity of what we have done sets the love to sail

All the tears have fallen from my face, sullying the land with sorrow.
No more love emits from my heart; no today and never tomorrow.
For lo, alas the horizon of an orange sol
My future of loneliness had already been foretold.

William King Jr. Biography

Writing is the one release that makes the world seem to complete itself. I write to express my feelings, how I feel. How I see the world. What I'm going through. My poetry is a part of me. My poetry is the written incarnation of my inner being, my soul, blood and sweat. The sanity of words help the insanity of the being. ~Tho the light of the world shines, darkness still lurks in the shadows~)

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Night life slowly fades into the dawn
And the man in the west moon now sleeps
Dreams soon set themselves aside
And the reality of the day sets in

Solidarity of the night begins to disappear
Comfort levels begin to drop
Hope soon begins to fail
As the dew rests; an angel's tear

Light penetrates the virgin sky
Opening to it the face of earth
Scarred by man and her own wrath
Soon she is ready for rebirth

Stormy seas begin to calm
Waves no longer a threat
Luna loosens her mighty grip
To keep the seas at rest

No more do the winds blow
Slowing now to a whisper
The breezes of yesterday have come and gone
No one now seems to listen

Stories sang of times before
Lost upon the lips of the old
Have made the world a forgetful place
No knowledge of the failures foretold

Time moves slowly within its cycle
All that is has come will soon be gone
Nothing will remain but sand and sun
This cycle will stay forever long

Night slowly fades into the dawn
With it our dreams and ignorance
The morning light forsakes our eyes
Making our existence pure bliss

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Ahmed Khaled 15 September 2011

good for you william, the old and the new in harmony and interaction, the effective blend, yes it is, this is a huge step in the way of poetry progress you could be able of many, you've got the soul just perfect the body [ph.d].ak.

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