My Heart Poem by Rose Marie Cook

My Heart

Rating: 5.0

Screams break the silence
As I cry out in pain
He grasps my heart
And yanks it from my chest

As blood oozes off of it
I see how broken it really is
There's notches and cuts
Band-aids and ruts

Carvings deep within
Staples and stitches
Cracks and crevaces
Cover the surface

The color fades
Just a black shape
In your hands it looks beautiful
You give it purpose

We stare at the heart
It starts to thump getting louder and faster
You look up to find my eyes looking back
At yours the heart continues to beat to the moment

My heart only beats in your hands
The pieces start to mend themselves slowly
The broken heart is in your hands
It's yours now, your choice what to do with it

You can shatter it to pieces making it impossile to fix
Or you can put it next to yours and help it for as long as you wish
Thanks for choosing both you kept it beating as long as you could
Then threw it against the cold concrete as I knew you would.

Makayla Straight 04 May 2009

this a good example of how i felt when i got dumped

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ur heart shines as radiant as gold and is as resilient as the diamond..marvelous write

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