My Heart's Heartless Structure

Rating: 4.8

Life circumnutated towards anonymous juction,
Covered with snirts abruptly full malfunction,
Massive unadoric, even hard to suspire,
Hung word plates on wall with satire,
There a girl wailing, beyond the trash,
Rushed backward tacitly, lacking the cash,
Being unaggressive, rolling tears crystal,
Seeking for help, reasons some factual,
Seemed not a perite, but hiding the pain,
Her somnific eyes revealed fact so insane
Lift's what I aided her to a small motel ahead,
Granted a small chamber with a single bed,
Her beauty was matchless with awesomeness,
But eyes with tears were just the mess,
I asked her the reason with certain delight,
She got quite indifferent to answer it right,
I said ' Let it be', waved her 'good night',
turned back and saw the room still bright,
Tawny her colour, mine so black indeed,
Peeped her full body, rising up the greed,
Deep in the core of my heart, i cant express,
Was like untolerable attraction of lions to flesh,
Heart greeted ' No' and got back to sense,
But seen by her and broked the suspense,
But I was loving her like I had never ever did,
And I proposed her to marry, but not agreed!
Told she was touched by clique of demons,
I got an aghast and senseless brain got spuns,
Told that she was no more perfect for me,
I uttered 'You are perfect like no one can be'
The cold ice broked and she was all mine,
Both gone sleepless and more than just fine,
I was trusting her and may be she was to me,
Sadly next morning rays made her to flee,
She fled complete unseen to any one of the motel,
I got rude when crews gossiped to be a brutal,
Checked out my pockets, got nothing left,
Nerves and the time began to recirculate,
But thats not true, I had seen truth in her,
Despite that my heart was not made for,
Wandering alot aimlessly with a concrete hope,
Finaly realised me myself to be a fun prop,
In search of heaven, lost my way to hell,
My damn life had became an engineless rail,
Why I lost me and I at those cold time?
When love was lost and fun gone so prime.
I am now living my life without any nurture,
the one with heart having heartless structure.

Pratikshya Sedhain 28 January 2016

Loved the last line..............Thanks for sharing............

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