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Hell: When I Was There.

Oh! God I left your lap and went to the Hell,

Later I realized about you my lord when I fell,


I cannot even love you,
I cannot even hate you,
I know I'll never get you,
its so hard to forget you,

My Heart's Heartless Structure

Life circumnutated towards anonymous juction,
Covered with snirts abruptly full malfunction,
Massive unadoric, even hard to suspire,
Hung word plates on wall with satire,

Cynical Friends Consensus

Fault on your own,
Unadmireable and infelicitous,
Upbraid to an untainted chap.
Bar, when encountered decent

My Chum

One who took my soul away from me
both heart entwined but he flee
nowhere, unknown place it is,
but I have remnant of his remembrance,

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Name: Ayush Pandey

Address: Kathmandu, Nepal

Born: Tamsariya-7, Nawalparasi, Nepal

email: its_me_ayush@outlook.com

Twitter: @iusshpandeh

Interests: Poems, Novels, Tech and Music

DOB: 1996 Sep 16

For feedback, suggestion or complaints please mail me or send me a tweet.

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