My Iguana Ate My Homework! Poem by Richard D Remler

My Iguana Ate My Homework!

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Mrs. Blangleberger, ma'am, sir.
You won't like what I have to say.
But the homework you had us do last night,
I do not havetoday.
Oh, I did it, sure as there's a sky,
Made sure I dotted every I.
Because I know how you expect to see
The very, very best from me.

But my Iguana ate my homework,
Late, late, late last night.
My Iguana ate my homework,
And he did it in one bite.
I had that final question answered,
And I know I answered right.
But in a fit full of Iguana rage
It ate up every single page!

When it bit down on my pencil,
I let it have that too.
I just sort of guessed
It's a thing they like to do.
It gobbled my erasers,
My ruler, and my glue.
And before my Mom could stop it,
It ate my backpack too!

It swallowed down my Grandma's shoes,
And nibbled on her hat.
And it even sneaked up really quick
And tried to eat the cat.
It gobbled up my sister's doll,
All except for it's fat head.
And that was when my Grandpa
Put the ugly thing to bed.

And I'm sorry, Mrs. Blangleberger-
There's not much more that I can say.
I have no excuse to just
What happened yesterday.
All I know is lizards bite,
And I never will forget it.
When an Iguana eats your homework,
You just kind of, sort of, let it.

Copyright © MMXIII Richard D. Remler

My Iguana Ate My Homework!
Tuesday, February 12, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: experience,family,homework,humorous,pets,teacher
"I've never let my school interfere with my education."
~Mark Twain
Sandra Feldman 12 February 2019

Fabulously funny and imaginative.! Laughed all the way down to Mark Twain. Now must get me an Iguana, And together we will travel to old Spain Where life is also quite insane. Really enjoyed your poem, thanks

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