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I write because I have to.
I hope that thru my sincere thoughts I
can contribute to the betterment of All.
Pay in a small and humble way my debt to beauty and art.
Peace and Creation.

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Lonely Moon

The Moon will shine,
Without your smile,
But no longer shall it be,
A Moon that shines for me,

A Different Love

There was very little physical about their love,
It went well beyond all that,
Like two Swans whose necks intertwine,
Creating an everlasting bond,

21st Century

We speak to Robots on the phone,
And our Computers are our home
We really think we're not alone
But all of this lacks Human tone,


Good friends are rare,
Especially those,
That really care,
Who keep you,

Simply Love

What is Love?
Emotion, devotion,
And oh, so much more,
The thrill of a Lifetime,

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06 August 2021

Peaceful Protest is the right of every human being when they feel they are being abused and their human rights trampled and usurped. I think of the people of Cuba today and all Others who have no freedom. Our most sacred, Right! Unconditionally Violated! Past and Present.

20 September 2021

Men and Fools obey No written rules. But, We all pay, For the follies, They school.

Sandra Feldman Comments

Pamela Sinicrope 18 January 2016

A small poetic dose of joy With a click of my mouse I think, laugh, and enjoy... At Sandra Feldman's 'house!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 01 January 2016

Sandra Feldman is an excellent and multi-talented world-class poetess who has broad visions for literary and educational world. Her hopes and attitudes shine through her sincere thoughts and efforts of mind. Her contribution to the betterment of all creatures of the world is definitely noteworthy. Humble appearance of her defines about beauty and art of literature by her touch of pure perception. Peace becomes her nice essence in her most of creations. Her expressions do not restrict to a particular field. She writes poems not only about nature and life but also she touches every corner of literature through her positive and pure mind. I have gone through many of her poems and I find them very much philosophical and beneficial for society. She is definitely a gem of diamond of dazzling literary sky of the world. I wish her all the best for her unlimited efforts she gifts to the literary community and I hope she ever shines with devotional attitudes towards God. May God bring lots of happiness for her and her family. May many fragrant flowers bloom in her way of walking.

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Fabrizio Frosini 14 December 2015

it is always a pleasure reading Sandra Feldman's poetry - this elegant and refined poetess, whose kindness is as bright as her soul.. Mille grazie, cara Sandra! Un fuerte abrazo

33 48 Reply
Khairul Ahsan 02 August 2015

Her biography is beautiful! I think, with all her beautiful pieces of poetry, she is no more a debtor to beauty and art, peace and creation. Rather she is a creditor from whom the latter can borrow. I can vouch for the veracity of all the 22 comments made below, about her. My very best wishes for this great poet who sees the world with a pair of perceptive eyes and writes with a loving heart.

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Kelly Kurt 01 May 2015

Not only an extraordinary thinker and poet, but a compassionate human being. In the short time I have been on PH, she has encouraged me and shared of herself.

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Zoila T. Flores 04 September 2021

Sandra, I admire your inspiration and your telling in a poetic way.

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Robert Murray Smith 11 August 2021

Sandra's poems are always thoughtful and a delight to read.

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Hebert Logerie 18 January 2021

Amour, Liberté, Egalité et Fraternité (Go to Insert and Symbol and you will find the (é) accent aigu) . C'est un très beau poème, Sandra Feldman.

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Yiyan Han 29 November 2020

Sandra Feldman is now one of my favourite poetess, and sure many would agree with me.

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Bill Cantrell 11 October 2020

One of the most loveliest poets I have come to know, she is as true as the color yellow in a flower, when I die.. which won’t be long, I have prayed to be buried on her lonely moon, there I will certainly Rest In Peace, blessed you be you poetess of the moment, I will be one of the tombstones on your glorious orb.... when you come across my grave...please remember that I he.d you in the highest regard

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