Freshman - 685 Points (5th March 1992 / Bhubaneswar)

My Journey & Dream - Poem by SWETA LEENA PANDA

It's time to say! "yes"
I can do it
I can dream for it
I'll try for it
Lots of noise at outside
I couldn't bear all
Oh !
It's the fact which I share here
People love to pull your leg
People love to break you inside
People love to spread bad rumors
Still never give up
I lose many things because of this noise
I gave up many things because of these bad rumors
I also gave up my dream due to some negative suggestions
I learn many things than you imagine
As I cried a lot silently & feel better to stay alone
As everything you can't share what you bear in your actual life
I learn one thing believe in yourself
There is no one who really wants to see your success
So you know how to concentrate
I don't know about my future
What & how I have to get
I only know i can try my best
Till now whatever I dream
I didn't get
Which hurts me inside silently many times?
I cried a lot & suffered a lot
At last I learn something
Just move with a smiling face
Everything gonna be ok
There is no one here to listen your inner voice
That's why most of time I became a self motivator
Dream may break & people will speak
Still be stick with your goal
try further & believe in yourself
which is my inner voice
Because nobody knows what you suffer
As no one can realize too
As god has made something different for you
That's why I never worry for
whatever I lose or did n't get
No doubt sometimes there is a little hurt inside my heart
Where was my fault
I labor hard & tired my best
Still I did n't get
the most important thing I learn form my life
If you can't achieve anything
People will believe you like stupid & worthless
Behave you like your life is meaningless
Failure is such kind of taste
Which nobody knows
how much it hurts?
Everyone speak but no one is there to help
Nobody will believe how much you labor
But if you dream further & fight for this
Then those people will call you bitch & many more
It's damn true
As it is my real experience
I was so negative at that situation
I fear to do anything
& also thought like as my life was worthless
No doubt for one thing I wanna thanks to my lord
As he has given me a great parents
Who is my great supporter?
Especially my papa
Who never worry for the world & what people talk?
As he knows me better
He never tell me to become a rich person,
He always teach me try to be a good person
Which sometimes give me great pain?
It's very easy to promise
but very hard to fulfill
Especially when it's come to be a good person
When I entered into my real future
I understand how the life is
People are so complicated than I think
Which sometimes give me pain than you imagine?
It really hurts when people break my believes
As now I am habituated with this
Now I only believe on myself
my goal is my life
I never fear for death as I know one day I'll die
It's the bigger & bitter true
Which no one could hide?
That's why my heart always says no need to fear
I set up my mind & heart
It's too much & I wanna do something
Which is my last & final decision?
Sometimes I worry for my future
As my dream & career has no connection
Still I hope for a best future
One year left to complete my engineering career
with a good grade what i always wish for
I could n't decide what further step I can take for
It's really very much confusion
My weak point is as I am girl
& it's not easy to resist & fight
As I am a peace lover & I need a work for other
Still my life is wander
Where should I go & what should I do
As my career has no link with my future
I feel sometimes I choose pain for myself
Still I believe without pain there is no gain
I believe I wanna live a life according to myself
As I love freedom & a independent mind
Still I love those who really inspire me
I believe in TAT FOR TAT RULE
Not for every time
My behavior depends how you behave me
Still I try my best to behave polite & in a good manner
As the world is changing
It need some changes
We have to change according to people
& their cruel mind
If you don't wanna change
One day you will die as you could n't resist
so I choose to be strong, courageous, truthful & honest in my way
I don't care whether people like me or not
I love my rule & this is my principle
But my behavior purely depends how the person you are
I really love those who truly deserve
I too hate fake & lie
That's why no one can try to hide anything from me
I am not so much wise
still I know how to handle the situation
I am not a perfect person
but I can promise anyone can believe me blindly
That much worth I am
Now it's really a battle field for me
As I don't know how to reach at my destination
Still I can promise I can try my best for it
This is a hidden voice inside me
I am sure my lord will surely help me
As he knows me better than other
I know one day he surely show me the path
What I deserve for

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