Keith Anastase KAMOSSO

Rookie (25-11-1987 / RWANDA, GISENYI)

My Life Again Or My New Life Now? - Poem by Keith Anastase KAMOSSO

Sometimes bad things happen to you and you feel so depressed disappointed even more than that. You think that your life will never be the same again, but believe in this; “All those things may happen so badly and so improperly and many times they leave an unhealed wound in your heart but let’s not forget that when the twilight comes, it’s another day coming. Many chances tend to the brighter day, the new day”. Days are totally different and surprising. Life is full of surprises we all believe this. “Don’t be taken by what you’ve been through, the past is not your time. The future is. Remember death is not the end since life goes beyond.” This poem, I wrote it for a friend of mine that I am not going to reveal her name. She has been facing some serious hitches of her life.

Who can elucidate the myth or who can witness when it’s dim?
Who can comprehend the hidden unclear mysterious dilemma?
I know roses are red, sky is blue but what is the flush of the inside of my spirit?
Secrets can be revealed, silver can be found
But how should I discern?

Every day has its own date and a minute has numbered seconds;
Heaven has a master, earth has a ruler, but
Who can find the lost soul when the clock stops ticking?
And all illumination turned into shadows?
Maybe this was a surprise but the unwished one.

Haters and enemies were all around me
I turn my eyes side to side but I see my executors but no friends.
Was my spirit delivered to them or it’s my destiny?
That the darkness in my soul, which is the black hole I see in my heart.
My life is ended and no one will realize my absence.

Knowledge is the key to the life but ignorance?
Ignorance is a widely open gate of the end of the time.
I know that what has a beginning has also the last part, but tell me is this it?
I believe this wasn’t the end since I don’t even know when the start was.
If it was the ending, I deserved to know.

From now, I don’t believe in second chances,
From now on the earth is not a place for me,
From now on, life has became play ground and what hurts the most is that I’m not a player
But I am what they are playing,
No value, nothing at all.

You can say you love me and that I am the perfect thing that happened to you,
But how can you explain why I weep but I don’t see
I cry but no tears fall, I scream but nobody hears a sound?
And how you explain why I fall and everything inside is broken?
How do you explain that ache if nothing was felt ever since?

Angels are in heaven, demons in hell and there I am.
My curvatures are bigger, my pain is immeasurable
My eyes see but no perception, my ears are deaf but I hear my soul whimper
My heart stopped beating the time you stopped talking to me
I prayed to die but death couldn’t take me. I guess it wasn’t ready for me.

Death it’s not the end life goes beyond
What is the reason to rewind if it was clear? The past wasn’t seen?
Maybe one day my eyes will see, my ears will hear and my heart will beat again
Causes and reasons will be out and clear, minds will rest
I wish I could know when that is, but I believe time will come and all will come about.

Desperation and depression will no longer survive the crush
I will take breaths freely and quietly
The history will be forgotten and life will be pleasing like before
Light will excel, sky will happen to be blue and obvious
Bliss and cheerfulness will control and my existence will be faultless and gorgeous.

My destiny will rise
My life will shine
Love will be felt; lovers will come from surface to surface
I will live again; I will breathe once more the air
Love will build a bridge for me and all will be easy as they were.
That’s my destiny, and I believe in destiny.

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