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I think it's happening to me
I can't feel myself
I can't even breathe
My head is mixed up

Much has been spoken on the fairytale earth land, but
Merely the minority has been heard by the present
The past cried loudly but people opt to not listen
Angels screamed and called but man’s ears were locked down

What a lovely memory
What a happy time
What an enviable and real craveble day
The nice look and gorgeous face

I need you to help me to gasp
I need you to help me to exist
I need you to tell me I’m the one
I need you to say all charming words to me

I don’t want to be the tremendous-politician
I don’t want to be the super-religious
I don’t want be the wise of this time
I do want the world to wake up and answer

Fountain of faith springing down the mountain
Fortress my spirit for the fall of the sun
When sons of men shout out loudly
Staring up to the sky of mind

Castles in the sand
Flying Eagles in the air
Waving flags
Fountain in the harsh world


This is not what I hunted, this not what I desired
This is the misery, not existence

She was my first
She was my flirting star
She brighten my days
Shortly, she darken my life

The ticking clock never impeding, unless it’s broken
The time traveler never returns, unless the lost is found
Days never jammed unless the last never exists
All goes comes back unless they are lost ceaselessly

Pain is like a thief in the night
It kills, steals and breaks
You can’t change it when it gets harder and harder everyday
It kills you when you feel like it’s marked all over your body

If the sky is the limit
What is the gravity of the pain?
Stars are in the heavens
Angels in dreamland

I wanna wake up with you
I wanna be there when you open your eyes
I want you to be The first thing that I see
I wanna wake up with you

I can't battle it anymore
I don't want to
I can't hide it any longer
It doesn't feel right

The civic where everyone knows everyone
The town where secrets are laid on the playground
Small town where words are louder than actions
I just want to leave this place

She is an angel
What else could she be on this earth?
With her caring and loving big heart

Life comes and goes
Butterflies fly unreservedly
Wind propel everything in its way
flicker never rewinds

Silently sobbing under the sheets
She wishes to see one and only man she loved
She pray for stars but the sky is gray
She breathe out hardly with tears all over her face

The begin always feels faultless
But the ending spoils the injury
Even the forgotten scar hurts again
When the memories comes back

The way you gaze at me
The laughter you faked when we met
Happiness and joy I saw on your face
They explained than more words

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I’m no messiah to anyone’s world. I’m nothing but bones and air in the bag that you call 'Fresh'; Combined both together it gave out this figure you see. I bleed red, cry tears, break like cracked cheese, I am nobody but just a man with a pen in hands, a paper and a mind to think. Poetry is a life, a friend and a lover.)

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I Think I'M In Love With You

I think it's happening to me
I can't feel myself
I can't even breathe
My head is mixed up
I can’t think about anything but you.

I know love makes life confusing, but
Without love who would want live?
Love is when you don't want to go to sleep
Because Reality is better than a Dream
And when is a Dream, no one wish to wake up.

True love is like a ghost
Everyone talks about, but few have seen
I want to count myself among those who have seen
Cause now I've found my True Love
You are my True adorable feelings and love.

They say that people fall in love once
But every time I see your mails or anything from you,
I fall in love with you all over again
I feel something in my heart, just like a little flame
Every time I think about you that flames lights up

The more I live, the more I know
Meeting was a fate
You showed me how it is to be loved
One day we will be together I believe, and
I can't wait to hold you in my arms

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Dickson Mseti 23 April 2010


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