Kevin Wang

Rookie (1994 / Lakewood)

'My Life's Story; Smile Forever' - Poem by Kevin Wang

taste of life becomes bitter dull
seemingly all my drawings are crying
bitter remorse on the sullen land
life upon as a mirror
dreams shattered as clouds gloom
outside the box I hid my sorrow behind a smile
whereas within, my demon crawls out of my skin
life viewed outward from a window
is seen as a happy little boy
fiery eyes gleams at the shadow of the moonlight
hearing the sounds of moans of the wind

I cry out where no one hears me
tears drown out from the plug of the drain
No one truly understands me
life's fears are nothing but death at the stab of the heart
cuffs and chains hold me tight
as the light dims out
at least Mother Earth hears my cries
as an earthquake sounds at my gloomy state

silence has spoken
is there anyone who truly understand me
is that so hard to ask for
life's riddles sulk in the shadow
I hide my face behind a mask
lie to myself everyday
will no one hear my cries
blood seeps out
as tears falls down
ink is washed away as if nothing was ever written
pale faces appear all around me

is this what I truly am
a monster by hand
do I truly stand in my position with any right
radiant colors washed away from my eyes
lords, nobles, kings takes away my hands and feet
and bind them to the very bars of prison

there is no heaven or hell but only bitter remorse
I hate myself for writing this
anyone who reads this
shall die or live by their scroll
life's work still in progress
life's diary at hand

words stamped, written all over my face
truth concealed by lies
the groan of each step on the heart
creaks as the weight is too heavy, too much

the stomach growls for more
I cannot stop until
there is nothing more
but only ashes remain

life's work by your hands
what happens affects me too
I seek counsel
but they ignore the fact that I am suffering
because they swim in glory and riches

I am nothing but a peasant and warrior battling this work
work of magic is one too powerful
each day to read one over again
as life's work is at hand by one page per day
one would truly regret ever destroying this work

I would rip my face off
and tear my heart out
to tell i'm no man, beast, monster, or devil
but myself
life's work shall be mightier than the sword
but held in my hands

'Smile Forever' (Change is made)
Beauty of regret, pain, saying sorry, and care
flows in my very veins
regretting the day I ever left you alone
as dangers fall in line with no mercy at hand

I am no man
only a wandering soul
without you
I am a bird with no wings
a fire that lost its flame
and a heart with no will

wishing to truly reveal what I am
wishing to tear out the pain in me
the burden I carry on my shoulders
to ever say I love you
sorry to ever reveal you, to anyone
life's work by hand
is what helps me go on
you have truly added meaning into life
erasing the devil in me as your smiles gleam so
I must climb out of my shabby, little hole
and rejoice with you lightened soul

a little boy at heart
a little puppy at play
but only a fool to ever turn back from you
Smile forever

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