My Loving Mother Poem by Geeti Sudha

My Loving Mother

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My Mother the one who suffered a lot
just to give me a birth.
My Mother the one who is the reason of my existence on this earth.

She is my teacher
She is my Guide
She is perfect detective
who reads my eyes, whenever I tried to hide.

Her smile gives me relief
when I start to fumble
I alway hold her hand all the way
because I believe, she would never let me fall in any trouble.

I remember my childhood
how she used to make me eat with her imaginary stories.
She has come to life like an angel and
who takes away all my worries.

When ever I cry out of hunger
Her hands come to feed
Whenever I get lost somewhere
her hands come to lead

I feel my self to be matured enough
What ever she says I always avoid
But it pinches me when I remember
How I used to ask her the same question repeatedly
but she never got annoyed.

Her love is unconditional
She never thinks what she can gain
such a big heart she has.
In her smile she covers all her pains.

No hesitation to do any work
her every deed has perfection
I wounder from where does she gathers loves.
I am crazy about
her never ending affection.

She never shows I can feel
that she cries for me every night.
She has sent her daughters mile away
who she cannot tolerate to be away
to be even for second from her sight.

To pay even a pinch of her care
it will take years together.
I know I am her daughter
I owe my life to my Mother
I owe my life to my Mother.

My Loving Mother
Friday, December 18, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: mother daughter
Dr Antony Theodore 03 May 2016

mum is the most loving. she is a living Goddess on the earth for her children..... so true. your lines make me think of my mother who died at the age of 38 with cancer....... thank you dear poetess for this lovely poem. God bless you.

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Rajnish Manga 18 December 2015

You are quite young but the mastery with which you have written this poem shows your aesthetic sense, honesty of expression and linguistic flair. Thank you, Geeti, for sharing such a nice piece of poetry.

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thank you so much

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