Geeti Sudha Poems

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I Am All Alone.

How harsh it will be for someone
to be all alone
surrounded by emptiness
in the lap of cruel loneliness

My Loving Mother

My Mother the one who suffered a lot
just to give me a birth.
My Mother the one who is the reason of my existence on this earth.

The Village Road

I Once set out for a walk
to experience the beauty of nature
to feel the presence
of great ocean to a simple creature


The man whom I love the most
The man whom I trust more than the creator
is none other than
my biggest inspiration my father.

Enough Of Being Silent, Time To Be Violent.

Every time I try to control my anger
I always try to control my rage
But it is not always necessary to bear
In this cruel world, it is not essential to be be a sage

Its Just You

My life is you, my love is you
I am not fake, my feelings are true.

Be safe in my arms, stay with me forever,

Never Too Late

The purpose for which
my parents took all the pain,
seems to be going
all in vain.

Broken Promises.

You had promised
you would never leave me alone
but you broke that.

World Today

Being real
Is a difficult task
I guess that is why
People wear a mask

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