My Mother In Law Poem by Keith Wells

My Mother In Law

Rating: 5.0

A woman with a big heart
A woman with so much love
A woman that is so strong
A woman that sees no wrong
A woman that is a joy to be around
A woman that would knock you to the ground

To see you in pain
Brings us all pain
No one will ever gain
From any of your pain

With sadness brings joy
Your smile, your lips and you feet
Makes us all weep
The pinches from you toes
Makes us all go woe! ! ! !

As you leave
We will all greave
We don’t want you to leave
I am so sad I feel as though I am going to heave

You mean so much
To know we will never again touch
Makes everyone feel as if they will bust

You are in a better place
As we lay you in your final resting place
We have no doubt
You are in heaven with a lot of clout

You have that boning knife
That is a scary site
With all my love I will treat your daughter right
You will always be in my heart and in my site

I love you with all my might
On this very lonely night
I can only stop these tears
Knowing that you have no more fears

I love you and will all ways miss you
Your son-in-law Keith
And P.S.
I will always live with fear
Knowing that boning knife could be near

Aurora Wells 09 April 2007

Thank you babe.. I am sure she will love reading this knowing she can haunt you with her feet. We are gonna miss her so much. Love ya babe! ! Aurora

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Lee Degnan 07 April 2007

If only people could know the name of that knife... lol... Keith, this is a great tribute to the most wonderful woman I will ever know. Thank you for telling people about her, and know how much she loved you. And remember that, always. My mother is smiling up in heaven. Love ya bro, Lee

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