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Sweet sister dear
Remember those years

I tried to talk to Mom today
As I do everyday
But that empty feeling remains
Why did you have to take her away

whispers and visions
aching, twisting, burning,

The night before Christmas
I woke up to voices
Got out of bed and peeped around the stairs
Heard my family, again with bad choices

Years have gone since I was a child,
Though not once could I say life was plain or mild,
Fights amidst gift giving and even at dinner,
Lights torn down as tears fell from mother’s eyes,

Unsteady quiet, lonely as it sounds,
Avoided like a plague
It’s the dead of silence

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I'm just someone that's been to hell and back and can still manage a smile once in a great while. I do believe my poems will tell more about who I am, deep down... so I guess you'd just have to read if you want to get to know me. People tend to think however they want to, like to judge others, all I have to say to those is don't judge until you can walk a mile in mine... and the whole time ask yourself, 'what would I do? '. Thank you for reading and for constructive comments (keeping in mind I am NOT an accomplished writer, just one that likes to write) . God bless.)

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Sweet Sister

Sweet sister dear
Remember those years
We cried together,
Dropped many tears

Saw the fights,
Were afraid of lights,
The bottles lined up
And the pills in our sights

Now we are older
More lives at stake
Not just our own anymore
Our kids’ care we take

All the tears we have now
The powerless feelings grown
All the damage our family did
In our adulthood now shown

Please sister dear
Don’t cry anymore
I will dry your tears
As you have done with me before

Remember I love you and I am here
Remember with us as a pair there is no more fear.

Aurora Wells Comments

Lee Degnan 16 December 2006

I am proud to say Aurora is my younger sister We've known each other since the beginning of time We've shared so many experiences and memories Which I'm sure you'll notice in both our rhymes But the two of us are very different Since we've both grown to find our own inner voice As with most sisters we grew up in the same house But were led down very different paths by our own choice Still and all, we've managed to stay so close Though many times I've told her to 'kiss my kiester' After so many years, through laughter and tears I'm so glad I have Aurora as my sister! Best friends, until the end Never will I ever leave your side She now joins us on Poemhunters Beware, for she is a bumpy ride! ! ! Love ya lots, lil sista... keep on writin'! ! ! Leebee :)

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