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You are my child,
given to me by some miracle
that I cannot comprehend
I was worthy of.

it was in those beautiful
cool eyes
the birth of my madness
and an innocence demise

Just like a number of months before,
I awoke from a terrible dream
I took the next few moments of haze then

Three brightly lit stars
lighting up the night sky
Three smiles shining like the sun
so warm, bringing tears to my eyes

I know I'm not supposed to be here
but listen if you will
It's as if I cannot think clear
life's a bitter pill

do you remember
the times profound

Seek within Poemhunters, and you shall find,
Faith and love so strong, and one of a kind
hearts so true are they in their cause
and have given their 'enemy' much to pause

The world is full of unhappy places,
For only the rich can stuff their faces...
Africa, to be most specific,
has food supply no-so -terrific

Every year it's the same old story
Turn away if it gets too gory
Certainly not a tale for the frail and meek...
This is a tale of how Turkey Day becomes Turkey Week!

I wish I was there every minute
Just to look at you and sit by your side
And hold your hand when the pain hits
and pray that it quickly subsides

I can remember
not too long ago
we sat together holding hands
and I wished you wouldn't let go

The piano opens
her favorite song...
the soothing, melodic notes
of a different era

Like a flip of a switch
visions and voices fade

'You know, Mom... you could write
a poem about chrysanthemums..
I like chrysanthemums.'

Parents, your duty calls...
the mission is one amazing feat
One that requires great skill with
all the responsibilities you will meet


Close your eyes
imagine your lungs
filling with life giving air

ears ringing
it's all drowned out anyway
from the hum of my car
as it accelerates,

One less chair
One missing presence
One no longer there
Another wishing penance

If I could make you happy
by surrounding you with beautiful things
I'd plant for you a magnificent garden
to make your birthday as beautiful as Spring

I love my men-friends
This I really have to tell...
I've really have to thank them-
for without them life would be hell!

Lee Degnan Biography

Hi, my name is Lee. I grew up in Westchester County, NY and moved to Dutchess County, NY in 1993, following the Hudson River north I guess! I have a high school diploma from Peekskill High School (1991) and unfortunately life's challenges did not allow me to go to college. This did not stop me from studying languages, pop culture, music and poetry, and devouring any books I could get my greedy hands on. I have 3 beautiful children who keep me extremely busy, and a full time job, just in case I think I might get bored. My writings are for my enjoyment/venting (and a couple of friends and family) only and are just reflections of my thoughts, feelings and experiences. I will appreciate any and all constructive criticism! However, I do not in any way think of myself as a professional ANYTHING, so if you make a comment on my writings I only ask that you keep that in mind. I do hope that you enjoy my writings, and I thank you in advance for taking the time to read them! ' Altruistic Ask of me to help you please and the best I can, I shall do. But what remains of what I cannot change I’m sorry, is up to you.' -Chris Weersing, fellow Poemhunter 'Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.' -Victor Hugo)

The Best Poem Of Lee Degnan

A Mother's Love For Her Child

You are my child,
given to me by some miracle
that I cannot comprehend
I was worthy of.
You've come and blessed my life.

You are my world.
Whatever I've known as my own
now shared willingly
and freely with you.
You've come and opened my heart.

You are my hope,
in a world that's so unforgiving;
in your eyes I see promise
of better things yet to come.
You've come and filled me with joy.

You are my happiness
personified, yet lit even brighter
and with unimaginable beauty
created in God's light.
You've come and saved my soul.

You are my love, unconditional
whether it is given or received
and have given me complete
and utter trust in your life.
You've come and given me ambition.

For all these things
You have given me,
I have become a better soul
For this I do promise you
my love forever,
and ever to become more like you.

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Jerry Hughes 25 May 2007

...all that need be said is, this young lady is an exceptionally good writer

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Roger Bowman 02 December 2006

Wonderful amazing poetress. Really enjoy your poetry Lee Lots of love Roger

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Kristin Davis 21 November 2006

Lee Degnan! 124th Prayer Warrior! My sister, My friend and most of all my support- Prayer Warrior! If you haven't yet been enveloped in this woman's spirit than I suggest stayin' put for a lil' while longer and get comfy because she is rather invigorating! Keep up the awesome pennings my dear friend in soul! ! ~HUGS~ Love~N~Honor, Kristin!

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