My Mother Land Poem by ANKWASA HARLORD

My Mother Land

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My Mother land...mother land...mother land
I am here to pose a question
In fact a lot of questions,
What has come of you?
I no longer understand anything
Murders are becoming murders.

People are killing each other
For just one hundred thirty thousand
Shillings -only -one hundred thirty thousand shillings!
Women's dignity is no more for they are raped
And even trees put in their sexual organs.

I say what has come of you
My mother land extra judicial killings are rampant
Nothing much is being done
Apart from the increasing arrests of muslims!
Yet people continue disappearing and killed.

My Mother land... Mother land... Mother land
Here we are your children
Awaiting police reports for weeks, months and years
Awaiting for the killers to be brought to justice
All we see are the innocent muslims and a few others
heading to Naluufenya!

The wind and birds tell us
About those big names behind the murders
but nothing much is done
For they eat from The Yellow Plate
DADDY is always there to protect them.

Saturday, January 18, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: despair
Shakira Bae 03 May 2020

oooo no why all this.... women misused and no action

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Charlotte Keys 24 April 2020

Oooooo results of living under tyrants

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