Don Nguyen

My Own Methodology On Composing Poetry If I May - Poem by Don Nguyen

To make clear, I don’t use dictionary to write my poetry
I might open one from time to time to find one word to be the subject to write on
When I write, I don’t stop until I’m done, just like running a marathon
Have you ever seen a composer stopping in the middle of his symphony?
When I wrote an intense piece like “Depressed Soul, ” I looked at Van Gogh,
If I was moody, I composed a romantic piece such as “Don’ts and Do’s”,
I didn’t have a picture to look at, so I listened to Frederic Delarue’s
That is why you feel my words flowing like a song
Some time I reread my poem I needed the music again;
Otherwise, it sounds out of place
And that’s the reason you see me some time to include a reference of music for my readers.

I have used ancient language of the saints and angels
For my subjects are mostly about God and love in abstract religion or theology or mysticism.
Some time I use different words with the same meanings for emphasis
Some time I use noun in place of adjective and vice versa
Some time I invent adverbs, pronunciations, ie, I can do anything I want,
You can say that I am an ignorant poet or a magic master of inventions
While composing I invent strange words similarly to Van Gogh’s methodology in mixing intense colors I don’t care about rules rhyme or punctuation to make my point or words to flow
Or I can use punctu-a-t-i-o-n m-a-r-k-s just to have some fun, something different
As long all syllables, being synchronized, sound good to the ears I am simply happy
I just want to create an impressive painting in my reader’s head if I talk about lovers
When talking about spiritual stuff like my latest one, “Seek Him”, I use many theological terms
My best theological ones have to be “My Soul of Many Layers”, “Thoughts”, and few others

About the content, I look inwardly to see God and love,
Not just my moody, unpredictable, melancholy, in the cave
Some time I do in order to feel better or to inflict self-wound
Outwardly I observe human suffering, goodness, love, and nature, something uplifting
One will shoot blank if one dwells on himself, no one else, too much
I don’t chain-smoke or drink condensed coffee (whatever it is called) or get high to get inspired
I take a walk to compose in my head under sunlight, feel the breeze, pray, talk to kids,
I can compose on love by watching them throwing their shoes or digging for stones in a creek
I can get inspired imagining on a piece of coal or my soul as a fallen leaf.
Most of all, I want my poem to become a vivid painting with clarity, with intensity
Teach the world one thing or two about God and love, not tearing each other apart,
After all, aren’t we a bunch of ROMANTIC poetry lovers or I have joined the wrong group?

One last thing to remind myself all the times is if I want to be a prolific poet,
I can’t be so critical of myself for a true poet is supposed to be a free spirit
For if I put myself in a frame or worry so much to be blamed;
I would be dead and useless as an ancient dusty poem.

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