My Problems... (08 / 04 / 2021 / 02: 22-An) . Poem by My exposure...

My Problems... (08 / 04 / 2021 / 02: 22-An) .

Nicki Minaj claimed illusionally that it is Jay-Z's /
meaning now that i have registered with /
SAMPRA(South African Music Publishing Rights /
Association) . /
I believe that she is just a celebrity, /
because Jay-Z found a recording deal /
to make it /
and i did it by myself as a brand! /

Ima i.e a consultant from SAMSUNG Internet Cafe /
claimed illusionally in an underemining way /
that my room is dirty, so i am poor /
and by that time i think i can make it... /

I believe that it is a curse to be from /
a community like mine, /
because i have been bewitched by an ex-friend /
of mine from this very community. /
It is just a public, because he has ruined /
the reputation of all the members of it by /
bewitching me. /

They are blaming me that i have raped a child /
i.e Lebohang without realizing that she is /
the one who came to me and even worse Lefa /
that is my younger brother put a voice for me to /
repeat after it that i love her. /
So, it is just a family, because they are failing /
to understand my struggle that i have a weakpoint /
of repeating after the voices, so no wonder why /
Lefa took advantage... /
What hurts me the most is that they can't /
defend me, hence they are siding with the voices, /
illusions, feelings and charms that i need /
to propose... /

It is just America, because of a voice and illusion /
of Beyonce Knowles when she is ruling me to /
renovate by pretending like it is her plan /
whistly not, because i am the one who came up with /
and i tried to save money in a stokvel, /
which i stopped because of her tactics /
So, i just thought that i should compose /
a poem, because no-one understands i.e voices /
and illusions as they claim that it is her plan. /
So, the reason behind this poem is to find sympathy /
in my own world whereby i have planned to /
renovate my room without a disturbance /
from the likes of Beyonce Knowles...

The fact is only god knows that it is her plan, /
so from now on i will renovate even though they /
claim and blame me that i am following her /
Just because she is well-known globally /
she thinks she can rule everyone around /
with her fame, but unfortunately i am not /
that kind of a guy who can be used with his plan... /
So, i believe that it is just America, because it bears /
people or should i say illusions and voices /
of Beyonce Knowles to come and use people /
like me... /

I believe that it is just South Africa, because... /
illusions, feelings, voices and charms suppress, /
undermine, humiliate and beat me whenever /
they get a chance to do so and this happens /
when i am watching television, listening to radio, /
reading newspapers, magazines, relaxing, eating /
and utilizing the internet and typing... /

Author: Koena France Mokoena

My Problems...
(08 / 04 / 2021 / 02: 22-An) .
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