My Reflecting Refuge Poem by Emo Seb

My Reflecting Refuge

Rating: 5.0

The world's going 'round
But I'm just standing still
Watching the blur pass by
Hearing not a sound
Pain is all I feel
All I do is cry

I look into the mirror
Shattered like my dreams
Broken like my weeping heart
My eyes reflect my terror
But nothing else is as it seems
The two worlds are quite apart

I want to leave this world behind
To join the other side
Where my reflection doesn't cry
I want to know what I will find
I don't want to have to hide
All I want to do is fly

I lift some glass from my reflecting refuge
And make a gash upon my arm
My blood flows out, crimson and free
On the mirror it leaves a stain so huge
Causing my reflection much harm
And taking the pain from me

The more gashes I make
The more blood flows out
Along with my soul and life
I'm no longer awake
Floating away from doubt
Leaving behind my strife

I enter my beloved mirror
On which my blood has spilled
And remove my reflection, bloody and dead
Here I forget all I used to fear
Here my dreams were never killed
Here I have nothing to dread

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