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I'M So Alone

I'm so alone, there's no one here
I'm so alone and I'm so scared
I sit by myself with no one to care
I bleed alone and I'm so scared

Crimson Tears

I sit here in my corner as my tears fall down
My head is spinning with the blood in which I drown
My heart is stained by the crimson tears falling from my wrists
Which bare my pain in the form of slits


Can you keep a secret?
Do you promise not to tell?
You have got to keep it
Where all secrets dwell.


These words, they echo inside my head
These words, these words that you said
Echoing, echoing until I’m dead
My hearts beating, keeps beating, please stop

Til I See You Again

I joke and I laugh
I put on a smile
I act like I’m happy
But all the while

Five Cents Richer

I didnt think I'd be able to live witout you
But here I stand
Didn't think I'd make it on my own
But I'm better than planned

I Wish

I wish
I could hold your hand
I wish
We could do as we planned

Mr. Fwoosh

(this poem was written a long time ago, like last year, and i wasnt probly the most soberest of ppl at the time so if it makes no sense 2 u, no worries, kuz it duznt make that much sense 2 me either! lol)

I love Mr. Fwoosh

Hanging By A Thread

i lie in my bed
my heart pounds in my head
my life hangs by a thread
i'm almost dead


I stand here all alone
I stand here cold as stone
I stand here almost dead
Numb to pain, numb to dread

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