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I'm so alone, there's no one here
I'm so alone and I'm so scared
I sit by myself with no one to care
I bleed alone and I'm so scared

I sit here in my corner as my tears fall down
My head is spinning with the blood in which I drown
My heart is stained by the crimson tears falling from my wrists
Which bare my pain in the form of slits

Can you keep a secret?
Do you promise not to tell?
You have got to keep it
Where all secrets dwell.


These words, they echo inside my head
These words, these words that you said
Echoing, echoing until I’m dead
My hearts beating, keeps beating, please stop

I joke and I laugh
I put on a smile
I act like I’m happy
But all the while

I didnt think I'd be able to live witout you
But here I stand
Didn't think I'd make it on my own
But I'm better than planned

I wish
I could hold your hand
I wish
We could do as we planned

(this poem was written a long time ago, like last year, and i wasnt probly the most soberest of ppl at the time so if it makes no sense 2 u, no worries, kuz it duznt make that much sense 2 me either! lol)

I love Mr. Fwoosh

i lie in my bed
my heart pounds in my head
my life hangs by a thread
i'm almost dead

I stand here all alone
I stand here cold as stone
I stand here almost dead
Numb to pain, numb to dread

You make me wanna scream
You make me wanna cry
You make me wanna cut
You make me wanna die

You're part of me
and without you
i'm not whole
you're my heart

The world's going 'round
But I'm just standing still
Watching the blur pass by
Hearing not a sound

I will not apologize
For buying the lies
That your beautiful eyes
Made it so easy to believe

I can't see the sun
I'm trapped steadfast
In the cold grey shadow
Of my shady past

ive cried over things
that didnt really matter
cried for everything
whether i was sad or

I aplaud your creativity
How you come up with an excuse
Any time something goes wrong
Or to hide your numerous issues

There's a time for everything
A time to laugh, a time to cry
A time for silence and a time to scream
Atime to live and love and a time to die

I let my guard down and let you in
Even though my heart told me not to
The days since then have crawled by
And still I haven't forgot you

Emo Seb Biography

hmmm, bout meself? not 1 to talk bout meself all the time, so idk wut to say. hmmmm... well, im 18, just turned so. i like jesus, and animals. i dont like ppl that much, only sum ppl. like nickel. i luv u, babe. always have always will. mwa. i like icecream. a lot. like more than shoes. my poetic idols r EAPoe, Suicide King, Nichole Webster and Frankie Renae. thats all i have 2 say now, sept that u shudnt litter. littering is bad. next time u want to litter, look around at all the f^cking trash ppl have thrown all over Mother Earth's pretty face, then shove that fizzing trash in ur pocket and eat some icecream. icecream makes evry1 happier. i want sum rite now, infact. escuzes mio im gonna go eat sum. bye Seb ps, Nichole Webster, u r indeed my soulmate. i love u and i dont give a f^ck who knows it. mwa. anyways, us wild flowers gotta stick together. me and u, always, DandyLion and MorninGlori.)

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I'M So Alone

I'm so alone, there's no one here
I'm so alone and I'm so scared
I sit by myself with no one to care
I bleed alone and I'm so scared
That I'll die alone on my bathroom floor
In a pool of my blood pouring from my veins
With a razor to my wrist til I can cut no more
As the silent pain drives me insane

I'm so alone, there's no one here
I'm so alone and so nearly dead
I sit alone with no one to hear
My bloody screams, I'm so nearly dead
I bleed alone, so full of fear
That I'll die alone, bloodless and cold
Remembering how you sneer and jeer
Remembering how you scream and scold

I'm so alone, there's no one here
I'm so alone and I'm so scared
But atleast you're gone, kuz you don't care
Still I want someone to hold me close and tell me not to be so scared
I'm so alone, there's no one here
To dry my tears as I cry
I bleed alone with no one to care
With no one to hold my hand as I die

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Nichole Webster 15 July 2008

i'm so excited for more of your poems! ! ! ! i cant wait. so hopeing for more i'm on the edge of my seat! ! ! !

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Nichole Webster 10 July 2008

wow your the best. better than Edgar Allen Poe! ! ! (lin) his are long but vivid. i like urs better cuz they are short and i can follow them. (lin) hugs later

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