My Religion Poem by Matloob Bokhari

My Religion

Rating: 5.0

I was travelling in a lonely valley.
I was drowned in the useless words.
I was burning in the fire of desires.
My hard heart received the words of devil.
My humble heart received the voice of Lord.
I started following the religion of love,
I spoke to Him in the chamber of faith.
In silence, I listened Soul singing.
I heard unheard music, I danced with joy.
I saw Him through His eyes.
Burnt my prayer rug; forgot my rosary,
You may go to church; you may go to mosque,
Let me sit in the precinct of the Kaaba of my heart
Where my Beloved's love is ruling like a king.

Roger Pullin: This is truly, truly superb and could only be conceived by one who knows... :)
Amb Jann Gail Cole-LeBleu: It inspires me to know there are such good souls as you. I have despaired of finding people like you. To meet the most wonderful people like you is a great joy! ! ! Matloob, you are so special - a gem and a jewel.
Farzana Altaf: A really innovative way of explaining the meaning of religion in poetic form. It was a treat and I really enjoyed
Alison Michelle Ellison: Very good expression of your faith and love.
Semeniuk Carole: THANK YOU! ! ! ! I love this one.. SIMPLY LOVE it.. because this writing REPRESENTS what the gods of oh so many RELIGIONS claim to be.... LOVE well done.. again! ! PEACE!
Dr SatyenderParkashAas: Admirable, admirable, admirable. My friend
Niamh Solo Dolo: I already see that...... You present no bias… only omni love man.I believe real Muslims aren't violent. Just very strict in prayer and worshiping. As well as living by ancient words and ways.... Love is my religion. I believe you are Muslim. I am Judeao Christian. But, I still respect the Quran too. Peace,
Lilian Ezegbulem: Beauteous 💓💓
Das Krishna: Wonderful Heart is, where fountain of love exists.
Nancy Ndeke: Great stirring words

Mansoor Ahmed: Beautiful sir
Okloho Solomon: Stupendous
Rizwan Haider: Religion of love so beautiful.
Farah Naz Fatima Rizvi: Wonderfully put in words, love of our Lord Allah Almighty! ! !
Annie Hilwani: Excellent.. I love reading this poem.
Bindi Sharma: Great write as always
Liberty Ode Ogbeifun: Nice one!

Friday, May 2, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: LOVE
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