An Ode To Poverty Poem by Matloob Bokhari

An Ode To Poverty

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In my land, plenty of poor live in pain,
In baking heat, languish in sad disdain.
In gnawing hunger; no choice but to endure.
Drink dirty water; weeping go to sleep.
In the hovel of clay, have no lamp.
In the light of stars, naked kids play.
Infants too weak; in silent sobsdepart.
O poorest of the poor, waiting in vain.
No rescuer will come to address your woes.
Feudal, mullah, peer in palaces only pray.
O ill-starred multitudes, in slavish chain,
Not Nature but leaders are to be blamed.
O my friend, O the brightest star in sky,
All wrongs are done by the kindest words,
Rise to light a candle of hope in their way.

Ahmad Farooq: Feeling of pain and sorrow poet or writer can understand in a different way.
Katerina Rose de La'fontaine: SO DEEP AND PAINFUL...WHY OH WHY? ? ? ?
Bindi Sharma: Great read
Michelle Khan: Beautiful piece of prose
Waqar Naqvi: Who am I that I was chosen? In a world where only the great stand out, why did You notice me? I am not impressive, and my ordinary lifestyle offers nothing that is worthy of Your love. Why did You intervene in my circumstance? I am only a speck in Your creation. Just a man with so many unanswered questions. Your love has given me all the answers. I find rest in the knowledge of Your faithfulness.
Arshad JavedArshy: Excelent -Feudal, Mullah, peer in palaces only pray—-nothing doing
Michele Vizzotti-White: So sad that anyone needs to be hungery...brilliantly versed..
MálîkJãmshêd MJ: Sir can you do any poetry in Urdu please.
Roe DelaonMalana: If the world against all odds
The almighty God is always there to rescue us.

Farzana Altaf: A very moving poem, Matloob Bhai. You are a person of great sensitivity, and this is reflected in your always wonderful and clever poetry.
Farwa Khan Farwa: Very deep thoughts
Author Kelly Ann Jones: I would want to take them home bath them feed them and look after them until they were old enough to fend for themselves. I couldn't walk past them and take no notice. But I bet my home would be overcrowded very soon. Such a shame.
Alma Delacruz Gossman: I really felt your compassion with this poem you obviously poured your heart into...and much like a prayer, I am with you here in hoping only the best. Many seem to be suffering more than ever ~ in far too many places, and if there is a will, there is a way to overcome much of this very unfortunate pattern. I believe that we all have ways in which we can move closer to solutions and your heartfelt words made an impact no doubt awareness and prayer are definite steps in the right direction. You obviously write well, so bring it on... Thank you for such an important yet very poignant message.
Carol Anne Judd Cherry: Just riveting Matloob heart felt and sincere. Wonderful job!
Stephanie Doty: I deeply appreciate this graphic to supplement a very important piece of work -- Namaste' Stephanie
Χρύσα Βελησσαρίου: In deed that was a good poem. I think you should work more on this style and themes! You have a great knowledge in you about it out there. I think people must know what is going on in this world. I think one of a poet's roles is to sensibilize society towards altruism.
Author Kelly Ann Jones: So much hardship and yet some of those kids manage to smile. That's bravery.
Freya Williams: A poem that stopped me in my tracks...and rightly so....x
EmMeilė: Beautiful sharing, heart goes out to those living in poverty and poor living conditions, around the world. One would think in such a prosperous world, we would have let go of greed and replaced it with providing. Let go of hate and replaced it with love. Sadly, those that care most are not much above poverty conditions themselves, so they are unable to help. I wish people would wake up and stop giving their money to greedy churches or that the churches would use that money properly to feed, shelter and clothe the poor in all countries of the world. My heart is lightened that even playing in rubble, some of these children still wear a beautiful smile.
Kristen Scott: I enjoy your work, as you know Matloob, you write in that old beautiful Persian/Urdu vein.
Kristine Nicholson: Thank you for your enlightened poem., Matloob Bukhari! There is enough food & knowledge & clothing & enough of all natural resources for everyone to live like princes. The problem is that some people demand the right to live as kings.: (Ken
Michele Vizzotti-While: All wrongs are done by the dearest words, you are an incredible writer!
Gavriel Navarro: Dear Matloob, I like this poem a lot and is a very powerful chant. This is a great write and everyone should read this!
Kristine Nicholson: Hard to imagine that most of us could be smiling and laughing under these conditions. Children have such amazing resilient spirits. I wish I could cook them some healthy food and nourish their little bodies and teach them how to take care of themselves. I hope that someone does. Kristine
Gaudreault C Marie: omg.. Matloob... this simply pierced my heart through and through.... this is the truth.. and this is the tragedy of our world right now.. that children are suffering NEEDLESSLY because the rich are not sharing their wealth.... and I am quite certain we will all pay for that in the long run… I hope and pray for all prayers to be answered in the name of the children of our world today..... that healing be bestowed upon the suffering; that food be given to the hungry.... shelter to those in need.much much LOVEnLIGHT to you and yours.
Isabelle Black Smith: With awakening words you write, so eloquently the plight of those bound in poverty. There is more we privileged many could and should do, I do wholeheartedly agree. May God Bless the down-trodden one and all.
Jann Gail Jones: Oh dear Matloob.... were I to rule the world I'd send this out in every newspaper and over every radio station and TV broadcast. What heart could not respond? The world over we would light that candle of hope and then we'd all pull together and change things for the better overnight.
Farzana Altaf: Your writing is so deeply expressive, so emotionally heart wrenching--- you did a lovely job with this.
Rene Velez: A familiar seen in the east and even here in the west, a country not fit to feed it's people because of greed is the biggest sin, solid write.
Hector Lopez: I concur with the statements above. This is a very honest piece of work. It is truly touching.
Kevin M. Hibshman: This is an exquisite work of art,
Driftwood Ashore: Very sad state indeed. Your poem is much needed. Hope it evokes the govt.
Rory Champion Aurora: So touching my heart these words & truth tears & prayers.... Love blessings & prayers for water purifying bottles for each and everyone! James Linnane: So sad and terrible. A great poem, I feel inadequate to comment on it. So much is spent on wars to murder people. Indifferent self seeking leadership throughout the world has caused so much unnecessary suffering, suffering which could easily have been avoided. It shames us all in the west that while we have food to waste and even throw away, while others die of starvation, a miserable and painful death as organs shut down one by one. A powerful and sad piece, well said.
Wayne Tolbert: Thank you for the reminder that the suffering in this world is so real and so painful. we don't always like or want to hear it but we all need to take ownership of the suffering.
Marilyn Ann Francis: …. Your poetry is the candle. Your words are the light to show the world of their horrible plight....God Bless you....Excellent,
Chaitanya Dorwat: One of the major problems has been nicely addressed.. There's always a revolution in your writes... loved it sir.
Adjei Agyei-Baah: A poet pouring out words from the core of his heart. The world must not only pity with words but should go beyond it
JendaLovelyLady Poet: I love this.... I will light a candle for you and your country!
Ma'râjMïķielA'alï: The problems of poverty root itself in the nation's government and its ability to pay for itself. When the government turns its back on its people to favor itself, it will lose everything. Of course, for the withering souls, their anguish, their grief, permanently stigmatizes the land. What a travesty, indeed.
Ch Navakanta Mishra: Inspiring! Thank you for this humanitarian poem. And the kids are so happy despite stark poverty! In my country also, such scenario is common, but yet, human spirit manages to survive all adversities.....luckily. And the kids are so beautiful, in appearance, as well as their reflected spirits, I could adopt all of them, love them as my own children! Much love to you....
Deborah Milford: Reality. This pierces my heart...
Deborah McCrory: I hate to hear this, but I am also a realist, if you can't afford a child do not bring it in this world to die. A lot of deaths can be stopped by removing a women's parts that produce children one woman lives no babies die. Stop the reproduction. Less expensive and less pain.
Ann Carruth Donoghue: Love the deep meaning and vivid picture you paint with your words, terrific piece!
Chaitanya Dorwat: Very insightful sir, a very intriguing story... just cant get over the last line...I'm amazed by your genius! Read twice your beautiful and inspiring poem. You have a very big heart, my friend. I admire you so much for wanting to help others and for encouraging others to do the same. Very wonderful of you. Great job, my friend

Sylvia Frances Chan 10 July 2023

Ode to poverty, a poem full of emotive melancholy, presented in full brillince, I like most the HONESTY in this poem.You are absolutely right: Not Nature but leaders are to be blamed. Excellently worded my friend! Enjoyed tremendously your precious poem. TFS

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