My Rolls Royce Poem by Rhyme sonny

My Rolls Royce

My bathroom is the best washing bay
Come and let me wash your body today
My hand and my tongue will be the duster
I will be your mate and you will be my master
I connect with you like Bonwire and the Kente weaver
And I love it especially when I have to take the seat as a driver
After brightening you up
I want to heat you up
Open your bonnet and let me inspect the 6.75-litre V12 engine
Water level and lubricants, making sure they are all clean
Just mere sight of your interior
Makes me feel superior
Another thing that I love about you is the shape of your headlamp
It complements your body like rice in a swamp
Your lights brights like the sunshine
And the sound of your horns is like 50 vuvuzelas times nine
Not to talk of your back axle and your wheels
Driving on a 21 inch chrome rims with yokohama tires, you know how it feels
2011 model centenary collection bespoke
This is no joke
This car was actually customize by God
Because apart from money, a normal person cannot afford
I love you
And I know a lot of guys are dying to take a ride in you
You know I hold the keys to the heart of you, my dear car
So please can I ignite you now? I promise i will not go far
As I start, ta whe whe whe..
The sound from the car, hm, so smooth... hehehe hehehe
Wow, she has a very good starter
she has petrol engine and doesn't need a heater
I have taken control
Just about to roll
I adjusted the seat
And stretched my feet
I shut the door and rolled up my windows
For where I'm going and when I am coming back only God knows
I embark on a trip from Spintex road to Tantra hills
Exhibiting my driving skills
I drove faster, slow down, faster, meandering my way through the traffic
Driving through the night with no road blocks is just fun-tasti-c
I am not a rough Ryder or the Formula 1 champ Michael Schumacher
But I know my role in this movie and I play it well like Tom Baker
She is one the reason why Somali pirates hijacked the Russian tanker
Since I had her, in Ghana, I have become a policy maker
And I humbly take that pride
Because politicians want to have her on their side
I can confidently say, Kennedy Agyapong you got her older sister or her replica
Because they are twins and she is the only one in Africa
She is relatively heavy and has stability
From Accra to Nakpanduri, she has the ability
At 5350 rpm, she produces 453 horsepower
And in just 5.7 seconds, her power-plant propels me to 60 miles per hour
She has got class
She has my autograph embossed on her like I'm Antonio Banderas
And anytime I park her in a public place
People just bow to me like I am the new Otumfuo from the Manhyia palace
From the time I took possession of her, no engine troubles
And by far, the best item talking of convertibles amongst my collectibles
She knows when to change her outlook when we are on the road
And in the boot, my rubber socks is the only load
35 years warranty like Prez Kuffour and Theresa's marriage
The price is the only disadvantage
Economically, she is difficult to manage
Because of her, I see my old girlfriend Mercedes as a garbage
In Nigeria she turned a lot of politicians into robbers
And in Ghana, a number of business men have become drug dealers
She is technologically advance
She is originally from England, but has siblings in Germany and France
Anytime she leaves my washing bay, I find it difficult to concentrate
Everywhere she goes, she sparks a debate
Even though i know she will be safe, she is sleek, reliable and capacious,
She is also comfortable to be with, very attractive and very spacious
In the midst of a million, if I have to choose at random
I will choose the Roll Royce Phantom

Rhyme sonny

Kobby 25 July 2018

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