How Did It All Start Poem by Rhyme sonny

How Did It All Start

One day, I heard a voice clearly in my ears
Saying Sonny, wipe away your tears
Rise above your peers
And do away with your fears
Ii will add more years to your years
And your name will go farther than the Picassos and the Shakespeares

I will take you to the promise land
I will bless the works of your hand
And make them grand
Your name will be a brand
That will go beyond your homeland
I will give you the power to command
And it shall stand
People will not understand

Bring before thee your wrong’
I will correct them and make you strong
I will place you, where you truly belong
I will touch your tongue
And you will sing a song
A song that will revitalize, sensitize and energize
The youth that they are living for a prize
A song that will change the thoughts of fools and make them wise
I said to myself hmm, these are lies
The voice said again, my son, if you are troubled,
Where do you look up to, I said the skies
Then my son, be wise, arise and open your eyes
I have sown in you a seed
That will bear fruit and on it, million will feed
Multitudes that is what you will lead
You will provide them their need’
Just be confident and you will succeed
I received it, I accepted it, I agreed

Terran Genus 24 April 2018

I find this really interesting would like to speak face-to-face with writer

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Isaac jim Awuah 05 March 2018

You are my role model

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Morukuru mo omelela dikala 05 February 2009

ohh man this poem, its is out of this world..nice bro keep it up

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you have the gift of rhyme and you are using it very well to your advantage, i like how u also compared Picasso and Shakespeare, its no crime to rhyme, anytime you want to belt out a hyme it'll be a prime rhyme to mime, great work with two thumbs up and a 10 take care mate :)

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