Rhyme sonny Poems

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Drug Abuse

Drugs like Marijuana, heroine and cocaine
Can destroy your brain
Because of the substances they contain
So refrain and abstain

Taxi Driver

I drive a taxi
People call me by the sound “ssss”
I carry all kinds of passengers
Both town dwellers and strangers

My Life As A Student

As a child, I always felt good
Because there was always food on the wood
I was the second successful product from my mother’s womanhood
And so loved by almost everybody in the neighborhood

How Did It All Start

One day, I heard a voice clearly in my ears
Saying Sonny, wipe away your tears
Rise above your peers
And do away with your fears

Love Life

Every man's life is a fairy tale written by God's fingers.
On this earth, you and I are just strangers
This earth is not flat, it is round
We were not put here to play around

Poetical Biography Of “osagyefo” Dr.Kwame Nkrumah

Oh wonderful
Born in Nkroful
In the Gold coast
What a clean ball in our goal post

My Rolls Royce

My bathroom is the best washing bay
Come and let me wash your body today
My hand and my tongue will be the duster
I will be your mate and you will be my master

My Testimony

Sometime ago I was wondering
How to get my daily bread, I was struggling with life
My heart was trembling
I was suffering

You always call me do this
Because you know I can do this
I also come here to do this
And I know how to do this

Letter Of Prayer

You are my rock and my fortress
I will come to your presence with humbleness
I believe you will never leave me comfortless
You will not leave me in the wilderness

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