Brute da Poet

My Sins - Poem by Brute da Poet

as I walk the path of the lost
I see people in utter fear
their eyes reflect all the horrors
the experiences
that I gave to them
but they saw the coldness in mine
violence might as well be printed on my fists
with nothing but fraud coming out of my mouth
my past spilled with the blood of treachery
oh dear brother
did you ever forgive me
when lust over came me and your spouse
the only sin you took from me was anger
but my greed drove me to the brink
wanting it all
no matter what it was
with my gluttony toys with my vision
viewing almost everyone I pass as sustenance
and I assure you
no demon is possessing me
for my sins would make even them sick
with disgust and inspiration
now I'm left alone
when the only one who could turn me back
is with the ones of purity
so it really was till death do we part
one lover saved
the other damned
must be the ultimate sadness
for now I must commit the ultimate sin
not even my cults could offend the creator
as much as this
for I must die the way I lived
by the sword
and when a being of goodness descends upon my 2nd state
I'm afraid I wont be going with him
for a hooded creature
whose empty eyes full of hate for the being
but fear when it saw me
reluctant but doing its eternal duty
rebuked the being of goodness
for I was to be collected by him
and taken to the great traitor himself
for a contest to prove who truly is
the scourge of the universe

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 7, 2010

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